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Flyover Country With Ted King-Smith

Composer Ted King-Smith
Courtesy of artist
Composer Ted King-Smith

On the first episode of Sound Currents, hosts Laurel Parks and Sascha Groschang welcome Ted King-Smith for a conversation about contemporary classical music being written and performed right here in the Midwest.

Music from the coasts already gets a lot of love, but we deserve love too! There’s so much great music being created right here in the middle of the country — what some people would refer to as flyover country — and it'll be showcased on the first episode of Sound Currents.

This week's featured guest is Ted King-Smith, a composer and UMKC alum who currently teaches audio engineering at Milwaukee Area Tech College.

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Sascha Groschang
Laurel Parks

Ted King-Smith, composer


Flyover Country
by Ted King-Smith
Lee Hartman and the Open Spaces Chamber Ensemble

by Nick Omiccioli
Nu Deco Ensemble

The Road is All
by Ingrid Stölzel
newEar Contemporary Chamber Ensemble

Caution to the Winds
by James Mobberley
Richard Cass, Piano

Spring Dreams
by Chen Yi

by The Wires
The Wires

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