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The Art Of The Groove With Jeremy Harman

Cellist and composer Jeremy Harman.
Courtesy of artist
Cellist and composer Jeremy Harman.

On this week's Sound Currents, explore music that is influenced — in a variety of ways — through jazz, tango, and improvisatory music. Guest Jeremy Harman joins host Sascha and Laurel for a show that'll help you get your groove on!

From string quartet to piano trios, the quintessential American music form of the groove has blurred the lines of today’s classical music, both in rhythm and harmony.

This week's guest is cellist and composer Jeremy Harman.

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Sascha Groschang
Laurel Parks

Jeremy Harman, cellist/composer

Ribera Del Duero
by Hiromi
Hiromi - piano; Tatsuo Nishie, Sohei Birmann - violin; Meguna Naka - viola; Wataru Mukai - cello

by Jeremy Harman
Long is the Walk with Jeremy Harman - cello

Paths Become Lines
by Jeremy Harman
Sirius Quartet

Composition No. 359
by Anthony Braxton
Ensemble Musikfabrik with Sara Cubarsi - violin, Florentin Ginot - double bass

by Tomeka Reid, Mazz Swift, Silvia Bolognesi
Here In Now with Mazz Swift - violin, Tomeka Reid - cello, Silvia Bolognesi - bass

Piano Trio No. 1 - Allegro
by Patrick Zimmerli
Scott Yoo - violin, Michael Mermagen - cello, John Novacek - piano

by David Balakrishnan
Turtle Island String Quartet

Bonus Content
On top of being a composer, performing cellist, and teacher, Jeremy Harman is the director of the New Directions Cello Festival. How does he balance it all? Find out in this online-only extra.
Cellist and composer Jeremy Harman.

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