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Pop influence with Michael Torke and Lydia Brown

Bryan Hainer/Latricia Morgan
Michael Torke and Lydia Brown

Michael Torke and Lydia Brown join us for this week's episode to talk about their latest recording project and the increasingly blurred lines between classical and pop music.

What is classical music? What is pop music? How do you define the difference? Explore the cross-pollination of these two genres in modern music on this week's Sound Currents.

This week's guests are composer Michael Torke and vocalist Lydia Brown.

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Sascha Groschang
Laurel Parks

Michael Torke, composer
Lydia Brown, vocalist

First Psalm, Wine That Makes
by Michael Torke
Michael Torke Orchestra and Lydia Brown - vocals

Monkey Chant
by Glenn Kotche
Glenn Kotche - percussion

Penelope - The Stranger with the Face of a Man I Loved
by Sarah Kirkland Snider
Brad Lubman with Ensemble Signal and Shara Worden - vocals

Proven Badlands
by Annie Clark

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Sascha Groschang is a host for Sound Currents on 91.9 Classical KC.
Laurel Parks is a host for Sound Currents on 91.9 Classical KC.
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