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Haiku settings with Paul Wiancko

Composer and cellist Paul Wiancko.
Dario Acosta
Composer and cellist Paul Wiancko.

Get poetic on Sound Currents as we explore the art of the haiku with this week's guest: composer and cellist Paul Wiancko.

The seemingly simple art form of just 17 syllables has inspired poets, but also composers and visual artists. Hear music inspired by Haiku - with and without text - this week on Sound Currents.

This week's guest is composer and cellist Paul Wiancko.

Scroll to the bottom to hear more about the influence of haiku on Paul Wiancko's life, and don't forget to answer this week's "favorite piece" poll!

Sascha Groschang
Laurel Parks

Paul Wiancko, composer/cellist

American Haiku
by Paul Wiancko
Paul Wiancko - cello, Ayane Kozasa - viola

Haiku of Haikus - Spring
by James Mobberley
Charles Bruffy with the Kansas City Chorale

Haiku Shards
by Steve Landis
Masatoshi Enomoto - percussion, found objects

Haiku Settings
by Ursula Mamlok
Tony Arnold - soprano, Claire Chase - flute

Haru no Ime-ji (Pictures of Spring)
by Nicolei Jacobsen
Amanda DeBoer - soprano, Amy Goalbraith - oboe, Liz Lee - cello, Matthew Duval - percussion

Bonus Content
Beyond inspiring his music, how has haiku influenced Paul Wiancko? Hear about how the poetic form influenced his life - literally!

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