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newEar and New Music on Classical KC

newEar Chamber Music Ensemble
newEar Contemporary Chamber Ensemble

newEar Contemporary Chamber Ensemble

Bald Mountain Breakdown (2013) by Tyler Capp (b. 1983)
Zsolt Eder, violin; Sascha Groschang, cello; Charles Dickinson, piano

Limestone & Felt (2012) by Caroline Shaw (b. 1982)
Boris Vayner, viola; Sascha Groschang, cello

On Isolation or An Affirmation in Solidarity (2019) by Derek Douglas (b. 1994), Text by Assata Shakur
Sharra Wagner, clarinet; Zsolt Eder, violin; Saschna Groschang, cello; Charles Dickinson, piano

Cineshape 3 (2008) by Amy Williams (b. 1969)
Christina Webster, flute; Sascha Groschang, cello; Kevin Clarke, percussion

Benedetto, Sabina, and Pietro from "The Companion Guide to Rome" (2006) by Andrew Norman (b. 1979)
Zsolt Eder, violin; Boris Vayner, viola; Sascha Groschang, cello

Watch newEar's to "An Affirmation" concert from December 4, 2020.

"An Affirmation" newEar Contemporary Chamber Ensemble, Dec 2020

Classical KC Guests
Scott Steele, Artistic Director and Vice President
Sharra Wagner, Former Artistic Director and Principal Clarinet
Sascha Groschang, Principal Cello

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