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Exploring the cosmos with Alexandra Gardner

Composer Alexandra Gardner.
Thom Parks
Composer Alexandra Gardner.

Dive into the mysteries of deep space with music exploring the wonders of the cosmos.

What do you hear when you look up at the stars? For composers like Alexandra Gardner, space provides a world of inspiration. We'll also celebrate the life and music of avant-garde composer George Crumb as we journey through the wide expanse of the universe.

This week's guest is Alexandra Gardner.

Scroll to the bottom to learn more about Alexandra Gardner's 'Stay Elevated' project, and be sure to answer this week's "favorite piece" poll!

Sascha Groschang
Laurel Parks

Alexandra Gardner, composer

Ciphers and Constellations
by Alexandra Gardner
Eli Spindel with the String Orchestra of Brooklyn

by Quentin Sirjacq
Quentin Sirjacq, piano

Pieces That Fell to the Earth - Mvmt. 7 - The Woman Who Wrote too Much
by Christopher Cerrone
Wild Up with Lindsay Kesselman - soprano

O Earth, O Stars
by David Maslanka
Stephen K. Steele with the Illinois State University Wind Symphony; Adriana Ransom - cello, Kimberly McCoul Risinger - flute

Makrokosmos I
VI. Night-Spell I - Sagittarius
VII. Music of Shadows (For Aeolian Harp) - Libra
by George Crumb
Fabio Alvarez - piano

Astrum Agri
by Stephanie Ann Boyd
Tony Berendsen

Bonus Content
For Alexandra Gardner, working with non-musicians to create music draws out their natural creativity. Learn more about her 'Stay Elevated' project with the Seattle Symphony.
Alexandra Gardner's 'Stay Elevated' project.

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