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Explore this composer's journey from Mexico to America

Composer Jorge Sosa.
Courtesy of artist
Composer Jorge Sosa.

After immigrating to the U.S., Jorge Sosa refined his musical voice. On this week's Sound Currents, hear works from Mexican and Mexican-born composers.

"I've been able to achieve beyond the expectations of the 26 year old that came here with a backpack, suitcase, and a lot of dreams."

Composer Jorge Sosa immigrated to the United States 20 years ago from Mexico, driven by his desire to be surrounded by "the best musicians in the room."

The story of immigrants and first generation Americans isn't always met with ease, however, and Sosa's work "I Am A Dreamer who No Longer Dreams" highlights the struggles of undocumented immigrants looking for a home in the states.

He explores those that have "one foot in the U.S. and one foot in [their] country of origin" and how drama and tension can unfold between this split in identity.

While Sosa's time in the United States has been overwhelmingly positive, he says that there hasn't been a lack of challenges. When faced with them, however, he responds with strength and grace.

"I choose to hold onto what is dear to me: family, friends, colleagues and music - [my life] is incredibly rich."

On this week's Sound Currents, hear more music from Jorge Sosa as well as works by other composers from Mexico.

Sascha Groschang
Laurel Parks

Jorge Sosa, composer

I Am A Dreamer who No Longer Dreams
by Jorge Sosa, libretto by Cerise Jacobs
Tian Hui Ng with Juventas New Music Ensemble; Rebecca Krouner - mezzo

Son de Harlem for String Orchestra in Two Movements
by Jorge Sosa
Chris Whittaker with the Washington Heights Chamber Orchestra

Stray Birds
The Leaf Becomes
The World Has Kissed My Soul
That Love Shall Ever Lose
by Jorge Sosa, text by Ravindranath Tagore
Vanessa Becerra - soprano, Kathy Tagg - piano

Rio Bravo
by Gabriela Ortiz
Onix Ensemble; Carla Lopez-Speziale - mezzo-soprano, Alejandro Escuer - flute

Espejos en la arena - III. Polka derecha izquierda
by Arturo Marquez
Carlos Miguel Prieto with the Orquestra de las Americas; Carlos Prieto - cello

Concerto for Improvised Piano - II
by Eugenio Toussaint
Alondra de la Parra with the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas; Alex Brown - piano

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