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A symphony of one with Gretchen Yanover

Cellist Gretchen Yanover.
David Speranza
Cellist Gretchen Yanover.

We’re getting into the loop today with an episode devoted to looping artists!

Looping was developed by electro acoustic composers in the 1940’s, and involves repeating short sections of music and then adding new and varied sounds and textures. Most of the artists in this episode use software and/or a looping pedal to control their own loops and create layers of sounds independently.

This week's guest is cellist Gretchen Yanover.

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Sascha Groschang
Laurel Parks

Gretchen Yanover, cellist

by Gretchen Yanover
Gretchen Yanover - cello

Suddenly I Felt Joy
by Gretchen Yanover
Gretchen Yanover - cello

by Helen Gillet
Helen Gillet - cello, vocals

by Jessica Meyer
Amanda Gookin - cello

Escape Artist
by Zoë Keating
Zoë Keating - cello

by Trevor New
Trevor New - viola

From Within I & II
by Raphael Weinroth-Browne
Raphael Weinroth-Browne - cello

Sascha Groschang is a host for Sound Currents on 91.9 Classical KC.
Laurel Parks is a host for Sound Currents on 91.9 Classical KC.
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