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Under the influence: Making music inspired by mind-altering substances

Monty Davis
Courtesy of artist
Seth Andrew Davis (right) leans over to adjust a pedal while Michael Eaton (left) plays soprano saxophone.

Classical music has a long history of substances inspiring composers. Guest Seth Andrew Davis joins us for the second show in our series exploring music influenced by drugs and alcohol in light of Missourians voting for recreational use of marijuana.

Note: this episode includes a discussion about drugs and drug use which may not be suitable for all listeners.

If you or someone you know needs assistance with substance abuse, you can call the Missouri crisis line at 1-888-761-4357 and the Kansas crisis line at 1-866-210-1303.

Seth Andrew Davis - performer and composer

Sascha Groschang
Laurel Parks

Chomsky Hash
by Seth Andrew Davis
Seth Andrew Davis - electric guitar, laptop, electronics

An Orkney Wedding with Sunrise
by Peter Maxwell Davies
Ben Gernon and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra

A Rainbow in the Curved Air
by Terry Riley
Terry Riley - harpsichord, organ, tamborine

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Laurel Parks is a host for Sound Currents on 91.9 Classical KC.
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