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  • 20210923_bk_jeremyharmancellist
    Courtesy of artist
    On this week's Sound Currents, explore music that is influenced — in a variety of ways — through jazz, tango, and improvisatory music. Guest Jeremy Harman joins host Sascha and Laurel for a show that'll help you get your groove on!
  • 20210922_bk_aryguerrero
    Courtesy of Ary Guerrero
    Ary Guerrero joins Classical KC as part of her impactful career in the fundraising and development sphere. Learn more about the Venezuela native and her passions for classical music, nature, and cultivating community.
  • kauffman_center.jpg
    courtesy: Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts
    While it seems as though the pandemic subsided over the summer and that concert series would return to normal this fall, the rise in COVID-19 cases due to the Delta variant and municipal mandates have prompted protocol changes for many venues in the Kansas City metropolitan area. If you’re thinking of returning to concert halls for live events this season, here’s what you need to know about major music venues' health and safety policies.
  • IMG_0796.JPG
    Eric T. Williams
    Michael Stern returns as co-host for a program featuring music for our time, a classic concerto and a requiem for the living. We'll hear anthemic music by Jessie Montgomery and a concerto by Max Bruch with violinist Augustin Hadelich. Also, find out why Brahms' "A German Requiem" is a "desert island" piece for Michael Stern.
  • 20210920_bk_fromthearchivesnbcsymphony
    United States Office of War Information
    Enjoy a program of great overtures by Offenbach, Rimsky-Korsakov, Rossini, Suppé and Mendelssohn (not Felix!). We’ll hear exceptional performances, some of which were recorded in the world’s best concert halls.
  • The wooden vessel is called "Noah's Violin." As it floated through Venice's Grand Canal on Saturday, members of the string quartet on board serenaded viewers with their own (real) instruments.
  • Colette Maze, now 107, began playing the piano at age 5. She defied the social conventions of her era to embrace music as a profession rather than as a pastime. She has just released her sixth album.
  • 20210917_bk_paulrudy
    Knoll, Brooke
    Courtesy of artist
    Experience a full day through music on Sound Currents. Start in slumber with a piece for cello quartet before awakening with a piece by this week's guest, Paul Rudy — dubbed “The High Priest of Sound" — and watch the sun rise and fall with two different female composers.