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3 Reasons We're Listening To Erica Joy This Week

Feb 1, 2017

Erica Joy plays her first high-profile show on Friday to celebrate the release of her debut record, a five-song EP called Erica Joy, Introduction.

3 reasons we're listening to Erica Joy this week:

1. Whether by accident or design, Joy is a mysterious figure. The artist from Springfield, Missouri, hasn't released much biographical information, which adds a layer of intrigue to her music.

2. She is, however, clearly in thrall of the English indie-rock trailblazer PJ Harvey, though her stunning voice makes her more than a mimic.

3. At Friday's show, she'll be accompanied by four other women: guitarists Britt Wild and Khitam Jabr, bassist Michelle Bacon and drummer Stephanie Williams.

Erica Joy, Friday, February 3 at RecordBar, 1520 Grand Boulevard, Kansas City, Missouri, 64108, 816-753-5207. Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type and Nathan Corsi open the show.

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