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Text with KCUR!

You can help shape the journalism that KCUR does, from our talk show Up To Date to elections coverage to investigative reporting. Text with KCUR by sending us a message at 816-601-4777.
Allison Harris
KCUR 89.3

KCUR is always looking for ways to bring our community into the newsroom. Now you can text with KCUR to send your questions, feedback and ideas directly to our Community Engagement Team.

You can help shape the journalism KCUR does, from our talk show Up To Date to elections coverage to investigative reporting.

We want your honest thoughts on the stories KCUR covers, what we’re missing, and how we can do a better job.

How to join

Joining is as easy as sending one message. Just send us a text at 816-601-4777. 

We suggest your first message include your name and zip code so we can make sure you hear about what’s most relevant to you.

Go ahead and save that number in your phone — you’ll be hearing from us soon!

How you can use this tool

You can text with KCUR about any topic you care about: voting, restaurants, city politics, health care, local schools, police fundraising, sports stadiums, etc. We’re interested in everything!

Here are some of the common things we hear from people:

  • Information about an event or issue you’d like to see us report on.
  • Suggestions for segments on Up To Date.
  • Interesting people or sources you think we should talk to.
  • Compliments or criticism about a story we published.
  • Questions you’d like our reporting to answer.
Allison Harris
KCUR 89.3

How KCUR will use this tool

Texts that you receive from KCUR may come from one of two different numbers: 816-601-4777 and 1-855-520-5287. (This is for weird technical reasons.)

When you text with KCUR, know that all contact information will be kept private, will not be sold to any third party organization, and will not be shared without your express permission or request. KCUR will never use this service to ask you for money.

In addition to you sending KCUR your thoughts, we may text you occasional messages, including:

  • Surveys: We may send you some questions about how we cover specific issues or how you feel about what’s in the news. Your responses will help us shape our reporting and what questions we need to answer. 
  • Requests to help our reporting: Sometimes we need help finding the best people to talk to about specific issues. If you know a person who might fit the bill, we’d love to hear.

For any information about texting with KCUR, you can email our community engagement producer Zach Perez: zjperez@kcur.org.