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Membership FAQs

Becoming a member of KCUR is the best way to support the station. Here are some frequently asked questions about the KCUR MemberCard, monthly giving and more.

If you have a question that isn't answered here, please email membership@kcur.org or call us at (816) 235-1551.

MemberCard and Other Member Benefits

What is the MemberCard? What businesses accept the MemberCard?
The KCUR MemberCard offers 2-for-1 savings and other discounts at over 200 area restaurants, attractions and businesses. The MemberCard is offered to members who donate $84 one-time or $7 ongoing monthly. You can learn more about the MemberCard and the area businesses that accept it here.

How long will it take for my MemberCard to arrive?
Please allow six to eight weeks for your MemberCard to arrive after payment is received. Contact the membership office at (816) 235-1551 or membership@kcur.org if you do not receive it within that time.

Will I automatically receive a MemberCard?
No. You will only receive the MemberCard if you requested one when pledging online, by phone, or by mail. Monthly givers who request the MemberCard will be sent a new card every year their donation remains active at the qualifying level.

Does accepting the MemberCard affect the tax-deductibility of my donation?

How do I get a KCUR mug/t-shirt/other?
We usually offer a new limited edition KCUR item with each membership drive. To receive the special member gift, indicate at the time you make your donation that you would like it. Please allow six to eight weeks for these to arrive after your donation is received. Like the MemberCard, these limited edition items are only sent to those members who request them. Accepting these limited edition benefits can affect the tax -deductible eligibility of your donation and varies by item. Contact us at membership@kcur.org or (816) 235-1551 with additional questions.

Monthly Giving (a.k.a. Sustaining Members)

How do I become a monthly giver?
There are two ways to become a monthly giver.

To donate using your debit or credit card, click here to use our online form. Your first monthly gift will be processed when you enter your card information. Going forward, your monthly gift will be processed within the last five days of the month, typically on the last business day.

To donate through electronic funds transfers (EFT) directly from your bank account, click here and print off the enrollment form. Send the completed form along with a voided check to:

4825 Troost Ave, Suite 202
Kansas City, MO 64110

We can mail you an enrollment form with return envelope if you prefer, just contact us at: (816) 235-1551 or membership@kcur.org.

EFT donations are processed on the 5th of the month. All changes to your monthly EFT donation must be made in writing and include your original signature authorizing the change.

How do I increase my monthly giving amount?
Email us at membership@kcur.org. If you donate using your debit/credit card, we will make the change prior to your next monthly donation. If you donate through electronic funds transfers (EFT) directly from your bank account, we will mail you a confirmation form to sign and return to us, as all changes to EFT donations must be made in writing and authorized by your signature.

How do I change my credit card/bank account for my monthly gift?
If you currently donate using your debit/credit card and want to switch cards, click here and enter a new pledge with your credit card information. This will replace your previous pledge. Your new card will be charged at the time you enter it. You can also call our Membership Office at: (816) 235-1551.

If you donate through electronic fund transfers (EFT), all changes must be made in writing. You can send us a voided check from your new bank account with a signed note informing us of the change or email membership@kcur.org to request a change form and return envelope.

***Please do not email debit/credit card or bank information as email is not secure enough for this sensitive information.

As a monthly giver, do I still receive the MemberCard?
Yes, if you donate at least $7 a month and let us know you want to receive it. For monthly givers, the MemberCard will be sent annually, so your first MemberCard will be valid through December of this year. MemberCards for the next year will be sent in November.

Can I still request an additional member gift (limited edition KCUR swag) offered during membership drives?
Yes, if your current donation meets the giving level and you contact us to request the additional item. During each drive we will email our monthly givers to let you know what additional benefit is being offered and provide you with a link to request it and, if necessary, to change your monthly donation or make a one-time gift to qualify for the benefit if you do not already. If you do not receive this email, email us at membership@kcur.org or call (816) 235-1551 to request the current member gift.

General Membership

I want to mail a check. Where do I send it?
Thank you! You can mail your donation to:

4825 Troost Ave., Suite 202
Kansas City, MO 64110

How can I update my personal information – change my mailing address, email address or update my credit card?
To update your debit/credit card information, please click here and use our secure pledge form to enter a new pledge. This will replace your previous pledge. You can also call our membership office at: (816) 235-1551. For all other changes, please email membership@kcur.org or call (816) 235-1551. Please do not email your debit/credit card or bank information.

Is my membership donation eligible for a tax deduction?
Yes. Accepting the KCUR MemberCard does not affect the tax deductible eligibility of your donation. Depending on the item, accepting one of the limited edition member benefits will usually reduce the tax-deductible eligibility of your donation.

I lost or didn’t receive my tax receipt. How do I get another one?
The University of Missouri-Kansas City sends out official tax receipts for all donations made to the university – including KCUR – in January of each year. If you need a receipt for your records sooner, do not receive your receipt in January, or misplace it, please email membership@kcur.org.

Does KCUR sell or exchange its members’ names with other organizations?
No. You can find more information about KCUR's privacy policy here.

I am receiving duplicate (or too many) mailings. How do I change this?
Email us at membership@kcur.org or call us at (816) 235-1551. Please let us know if you are receiving duplicate mailings or if you are simply receiving things you do not want.

Where can I find more information about car or other vehicle donations?

My company will match my gift. How do I make this happen?
Thank you! Please contact your human resources department for information regarding your company’s policies and procedures. Due to government regulations, KCUR cannot initiate this process.

KCUR is a service of the University of Missouri-Kansas City and covered under the UMKC Foundation's 501(c)3 status. The foundation's tax ID is #26-0840496. If your company requires additional information, please contact our membership team at membership@kcur.org or (816) 235-2829.