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Seg. 1: Climate Change Inequality | Seg. 2: Crochet Lady | Seg. 3: Kansas Rice Farm

Segment 1: Climate change affects people unequally. 

We talk about what this inequality looks like when it comes to housing, the needs of low-income residents, and more.

Segment 2, beginning at 28:10: A KU student went viral for crocheting at a football game.

She was just there to see a professor accept an award that she had nominated him for, but ESPN turned her into an internet sensation.

  • Hailey Solomon, Civil Engineering Senior, KU

Segment 3, beginning at 32:10: The first-known rice to be grown in Kansas is in Franklin County.

Koji Nakao grew up outside of Hiroshima to a family that wasn't wealthy enough to grow rice. To make up for lost time, he and his wife, Susan, are now experimenting with their own rice paddies.

  • Susan Nakao, rice grower, Kansas
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