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The History of Drunk(en) Driving


The holiday season will see an uptick in many a social calendar.  With that come more opportunities for people to imbibe and then get in their cars.  The worst results of drunk driving are well known and the legal penalties when caught inebriated behind the wheel are severe yet people persist in doing it.  Why?

On Thursday's Up to Date, Dr. Barron Lerner addresses that question in his latest book, One for the Road: Drunk Driving since 1900.  Today the physician, historian, and professor of medicine and public health talks with Steve Kraske about the reasons drunk driving remains a serious problem in America.  They'll look at when this became an issue in this country and examine how it pits those arguing for more education and stronger legislation against those who say the problem is exaggerated and stricter laws infringe on civil liberties and individualism.  Finally, they'll discuss what strategies are available that could bring about an end to drunk driving.

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Stephen Steigman is director of Classical KC. You can email him at <a href="mailto:Stephen.Steigman@classicalkc.org">Stephen.Steigman@classicalkc.org</a>.