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Up To Date's Indie, Foreign & Doc Critics' 'Three To See,' October 2-4


This weekend, take a walk — on a wire thousands of feet up in the air. Or just go to a movie and experience it from your seat. KCUR's independent, foreign and documentary film critics give us the picks they deem worthy of your time. 

Cynthia Haines

Mississippi Grind, R

  • I think if they changed the title it might attract a larger audience, and it should — because Ben Mendelsohn's performance is just great. 

Learning To Drive, R

  • Patricia Clarkson is a fantastic actress. I think it's very well done, very charming. At the end I thought, if you liked I'll See You In My Dreams, you like this too. 

Phoenix, PG-13

  • A WWII concentration camp survivor undergoes reconstructive surgery due to a bullet wound, but her husband doesn't recognize her.

Steve Walker

Goodnight, Mommy, R

  • Austria's submission for the Foreign Film Oscar is a taut, gruesome psychological thriller about twin brothers who suspect their mother is an imposter.

Mississippi Grind, R 

  • Ben Mendehlson is excellent as a man whose love of betting entangles him with the like-minded, more charismatic Ryan Reynolds.

Phoenix, PG-13 

Bob Butler

The Martian, PG-13

  • Everyone will go see it, and everyone will love it but it doesn't play dumb to anybody.

Sicario, R

  • From Butler's website, butlercinemascene.com: Taylor Sheridan‘s first produced screenplay couches its sobering observations within the familiar tropes of an anti-crime drama.

The Walk, PG

  • The last 30 minutes you've on the wire with him. It's terrifying.
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