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Sports Columnist Joe Posnanski Leaves Kansas City


By Susan B. Wilson

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A unique voice in Kansas City sports commemtary will be leaving town this week. Joe Posnanski was born in Cleveland, went to high school and college in North Carolina, and came to Kansas City in 1996 to be a sportswriter for the Kansas City Star.

Then in 2008, Posnanski became a senior writer at Sports Illustrated, and this year, he decided to move with his family back to North Carolina.

During his thirteen years at the Kansas City Star, Posnanski was twice named the best sports columnist in the country by The Associated Press Sports Editors, which is particularly impressive considering the less-than-stellar performance of KC's sports teams during that time.

When KCUR's Susan Wilson spoke with Joe Posnanski earlier this week, he explained how writing about Kansas City's struggling sports teams influenced him as a columnist.

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