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May 23, 2014
Originally published on May 24, 2014 10:13 am
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Now panel, what will be the next organization to loosen their tie a little? Charlie Pierce.

CHARLIE PIERCE: Uh, CIA, Peter. Unfortunately, analysts at the headquarters in Langley will be baffled when a crucial conversation between al-Qaida operatives on a secret wiretap is drowned out by the drum solo from "In A Gadda Da Vida."


SAGAL: Kyrie O'Connor?

O'CONNOR: Republicans in Congress. And if they want to learn how to smoke weed, Rand Paul is giving seminars.


SAGAL: Roy Blount, Jr.

ROY BLOUNT JR.: NPR. Have you ever actually pronounced the word lozenge?


BILL KURTIS, BYLINE: And if you ever have, you'll hear it here on WAIT WAIT ...DON'T TELL ME.


SAGAL: Thank you, Bill Kurtis. Thanks also to Charlie Pierce, Kyrie O'Connor, Roy Blount, Jr. Thanks to our public address announcer, Carl Freeman. Thanks to all of you for listening. I'm Peter Sagal. We'll see you next week.


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