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Recent Suicides Raise Awareness

Dec 6, 2011


Countless Americans have relatives, friends, or colleagues who have committed suicide. When Fox 4 Kansas City meteorologist Don Harman took his own life last week, many people realized that suicide can affect those whom we least suspect.

Today we take a look at suicide, suicide prevention, grief counseling, and the struggles for surviving family members. We'll talk with Bonnie Swade of Suicide Awareness Survivor Support and psychologist Jason Berman about why suicide rates rise during certain times of the year, what effect the economy is having on suicides, and what support is available for those with suicidal tendencies.  We'll also talk with Marilyn and Gilbert McClure, who lost their son, Starker's Restaurant owner and chef John McClure, to suicide in October. We also want to hear your stories.  Have you lost a family member, friend, or colleague to suicide? Did you see the signs -- or do you wish you had been more proactive? Let us know by calling 816 235 2888 or email us at You can also post comments and questions on KCUR's Facebook page or Tweet them to@KCURUptoDate.