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KC Fringe Festival

Higher Power, by Sam Ryan and directed by Chris Plante
Higher Power, by Sam Ryan and directed by Chris Plante

Tonight (Thursday) marks the start of the second annual KC Fringe Festival - four days of theatre, dance, film, spoken word, performance art, and more in the Crossroads Arts District and downtown Kansas City. KCUR's Laura Spencer gives us a sampling of this year's offerings. (check here for a complete schedule) By Laura Spencer

Kansas City, Mo – KC Fringe Festival schedule :

AA ? All Ages
PG ? Parental Guidance
MA ? Mature Audiences

88improv Presents: The Hitchhiker (improv)
88improv (Omaha, NE)
We present to you a completely unscripted play, with characters and situations suggested by the audience. You can sit back, relax, and laugh at the story you have created.

Blue Wolf Gallery 9:30 Fri, 6:30 Sat, 5:00 Sun

An Evening of Fun and Games (film) FREE FRINGE!
6:00 ? 7:35: Ed and His Dead Mother (93 min.) PG-13
A boy?s supposed to love his mother, isn?t he? Wouldn?t that include taking up the irresistible salesman?s offer to restore life to your dead parent? But at what price?
Independent film darling Steve Buscemi (Trees Lounge, Ghost World) is Ed; John Glover, Ned Beatty, and Miriam Margolyes also star in this darkly comic tale which picks up where Psycho left off.

7:40 ? 9:18: Alexandra?s Project (98 min.) MA
If you?ve ever been a woman, or a man, Alexandra?s Project hits home. The Battle of the Sexes becomes a tussle between one wife and one husband in this Australian film that is sure to keep you guessing--and talking. The riveting story and performances by the unknown cast (at least to U.S. audiences) grip you by the short hairs, and just won?t let go. Whose side are you on? Not recommended for ages under 17.

Central Library 6:00 Fri, Film Vault
A Joyful Noise (music) AA
A Joyful Noise Community Choir - a family ensemble dedicated to music that is uplifting to the soul.

Blue Wolf Gallery 8:00 Thurs, 3:30 & 8:00 Sat
A Man Dies and Goes to Hell (cabaret / comedy) MA
Brother John
Through music, monologe and zany characterizations, humorist, storyller, vocalist Brother John brings you a cabaret styled show full of poignant observations, exploring the domineering male ego and it's unsatisfying effects within relationships.

10 Main Center 5:00 Sat, 2:00 Sun
Acousticus Maximus (music) AA
Chad Wagner and Matt Lloyd
Acousticus Maximus is a Kansas City acoustic duo formed by Chad Wagner and Matt Lloyd. The focus of the group is to create and perform original music.

Crown Center 2:00 & 9:00 Sat, 3:30 Sun
Allswell Variety Show (variety) AA
Written by Carissa Shillito
100% original formula makes you feel good.
Indications: Energizes listless adults and soothes rambunctious children.
Ingredients: Sketches, musical numbers and special music guest.
Benefits: Easy to digest, long-lasting effects.

Arts Incubator ? Upstairs 8:00 Thur, 6:30 Fri, 8:00 Sat
Bar Natasha Cabaret Shows (cabaret) MA 21+
Missy Koonce and the Bar Natasha Singers

Bar Natasha 6:30 & 8:00 Thurs, 6:30, 8:00, 9:30 & 11:00 Fri & Sat
Barclay Martin Ensemble (music) AA FREE FRINGE!
The Barclay Martin Ensemble is a quartet comprised of musicians whose
influences range from singer/songwriter folk to Latin jazz. Known for their high-energy performances, the ensemble offers up a fresh and distinctive acoustic sound with fine musicianship.

Central Library Saturday, July 29, 6:30-8:00 p.m., Kirk Hall
Between Takeoff and Landing (storytelling / comedy) PG
Manhattan Redhead (New York City)
On 9/11 Irish airline passengers are among 6000 people stranded in Gander, Newfoundland. Waiting to travel, Michael and his fellow passengers examine Gander, and themselves. ?Heartwarming and Hilarious? - Toronto Star

Arts Incubator - Downstairs 11:00 Fri, 3:30 & 6:30 Sat, 5:00 Sun
Bindings (musical theatre) AA FREE FRINGE!
3?s a Crowd Productions
Written by Allen and Peggy Epstein
A musical revue with original songs inspired by the great books featured on the 25? tall book spines of the Central Library?s parking garage. Lit 101 in 60 minutes.

Central Library 9:30 Fri, 8:00 Sat, 5:00 Sun, Helzberg Auditorium
Blood, Guts, Spies and Fat Naked Ladies: The Bulgarian Cycle (storytelling) PG
Priscilla Howe
Priscilla live in Bulgaria in 80s, in communizm, tell one good story about. You fall over leffing, mebby cry. Da. You unknowing meess dis reedeeculus story for udder show? Neh.

Next to Grinders 8:00 Fri, 5:00 Sat, 2:00 Sun
Brother John?s Dog Days (storytelling) AA FREE FRINGE!
Brother John
Storyteller ?Brother John? Anderson celebrates the importance of ?man?s best friend.? This delightful, interactive program is full of personal stories, information, original music and song about the special friends in our lives.
Ages four and up.

Central Library Sunday, July 30, 3:30 p.m., Youth Services
Cairo on the Kaw ? Lights, Camera, Action (dance / music) AA
Gaziyeh (Lawrence, KS)
Created by Jo Anne Zingo-Hargis (primary), with contributions from company members
?Cairo on the Kaw? is a presentation of Middle Eastern Dance for the concert stage. The 2006 show ?Lights, Camera, Action?, premiered July 22-23 in Lawrence, KS.

Just Off Broadway 9:30 Fri, 3:30 & 6:30 Sat
Cass County Lamenters (music) AA FREE FRINGE!
This multi-talented quintet specializes in harmonic sadness, drawing on great honky-tonk twang that?ll make listeners cry in their beer.

Central Library 5:00 Sat, Kirk Hall
Checkered Past Presents: Change That Thing! (music / variety) AA
Checkered Past
Checkered Past has been finding the truth inconvenient for years. Their songs inspire you to "Change That Thing!" Sharp, merry, insightful, biting and sweetly subversive with precise harmonies ? acoustic music that zings.

Blue Wolf Gallery 5:00 & 9:30 Sat, 2:00 Sun
Comedy with the Coterie?s Updog?s Special Friends AA (comedy)
The Coterie Theatre
Written by members of the Coterie?s Young Playwrights? Roundtable
The Coterie Theatre?s audacious teen comedy troupe, Updog?s Special Friends, will present three original and outrageous comedies by the Coterie?s Young Playwrights? Roundtable including ?Conversation Piece? by Ruth Babb, ?A Wife?s Tale,? by Sheristen James, and ?Full Letter Jacket? by Justing Mohn.

Chameleon 8:00 Fri, 9:30 Sat, 3:30 Sun
Confluences (dance) AA
Reach...a momevent collective, inc.
Reach... a movement collective, inc. presents "Confluences", a dance
performance featuring contemporary, modern, and improvisational works. Themes of strength, love, loss, sex, and humor will be presented.

10 Main Center 8:00 Thur, 6:30 Fri, 8:00 Sat
Crafts for Kids (visual arts) AA FREE FRINGE!
Discover the kids? area of the beautiful new Central Library and have a fun time making something neat.

Central Library 2:00 & 3:30 Sat, Youth Services
Creative Minds Community Arts Center Showcase (music / art) PG
Creative Minds Community Arts Center

Deep Thinkers (music) PG
The Deep Thinkers are a local act on a national scale. Leonard Dstroy specializes in earth shaking soulful hip hop compositions of the future while Brother of Moses spits the current state of the world of his people through the microphone as the emcee. The Deep thinkers are Datura records recording artist thir current album is "Necks Move" available everywhere.

Pi Gallery 8:00 Sat

DJ Mythik (music) PG
This turntablist/illustrator has been honing his craft and building his arsenal in cities such as Portland, Oregon and Denver, Colorado for the last decade. Growing up in St. Joseph, Mythik found himself at many of the infamous Flavorpak jams of the mid 90?s and grew a deep fondness for the city?s flourishing graffiti scene.

Pi Gallery 6:30 Sat

Negro Scoe (music) PG
Originally from Southern California, Negro Scoe, aka Dante Everglade, established the Hip Hop Addicts crew (HHA) in 1994. Since relocating to Kansas City eight years ago, he has recorded and performed In addition to being a founding member of The Cosigners, Scoe is also an instructor at the Hip Hop Academy where he teaches area youth the basics of poetry and emceeing at the Creative Minds Art Center.

Pi Gallery 11:00 Sat

Symbol Heavy (art / music) PG
Symbol Heavy is art and music collective based in Kansas City. Heavily influenced by the sounds of the past, their music shows hints of funk, disco, punk, and most of all hip-hop with a dusty appeal. Many of the artists share double duties of commercial projects and design for our product, working for top magazines such as Wax Poetics, Rides, and Scratch.

Pi Gallery 9:30 Sat

Dae On the Fringe (music) AA
Dae Ahzae
Dae has re-occuring out of body experiences and records his findings. Witness what happens when Dae Ahzae takes the stage. You?ll have to see it to believe it!

Chameleon 6:30 Fri, 8:00 Sat & 2:00 Sun

Damah Film Festival Tour (film) PG
Sponsored by First Baptist Church of North Kansas City
The Damah Film Festival has been in existence since 2001. This festival focuses on the spiritual dimension of life through the art form of short film. ?Damah? is an ancient Hebrew word. Loosely translated, it means ?a metaphor that transforms.?

Vine Street Gallery 6:30, 8:00 & 9:30 Fri & Sat, 2:00, 3:30 & 5:00 Sun

Diary of a Madman (comedy / drama) PG
Ernst Zorin
The play, adapted by Ernst Zorin from the short story by the 19th century Russian writer Nikolai Gogol, has a plot that only a person losing touch with reality could find logical. It is a fascinating story.

Bohemian Gallery 6:30 & 11:00 Fri, 3:30 & 9:30 Sat

Disgracefully Yours (comedy / musical theatre) MA
Eubank Productions
Rock Musical by Rocky Horror mastermind Richard O?Brien. Hell is now a groovy and happening place, and Mephistopheles Smith (a demon with drive) wants to inform the human race.
Adult language, smoke, strobe lights.

Just Off Broadway 6:30 Fri, 9:30 & 11:00 Sat, 2:00 Sun

Divas From Puppet Land (cabaret / puppetry / music / variety) MA
Kraig Kensinger
Disco queens with glitz, divine movie legends, and sassy dames in between. All come together in a musical puppet cabaret. Featuring vintage creations by Pady Blackwood?s ?Dreamstuff Puppets? in NYC.
Adult Language

10 Main Center 9:30 Fri, 6:30 Sat, 5:00 Sun

Djembe Kaan (music) AA
Djembe Kaan pours the soul of West Africa into Kansas City. The djembe drums are said to have healing properties. In Africa, those Drums are used for any kind of Celebration, and also for communication with the spiritual world.

Crown Center 5:00 & 8:00 Sat, 2:00 Sun

Donna Yeager (visual art) AA FREE FRINGE!
Donna focuses on shapes, value, and color in her work. Her paintings are colorful and distinct. Her subjects vary consisting of figures, landscapes, portraits, and European scenes. Her style would best be described as painterly with a good color sense.

10 Main Center

Ernest James and the Zydeco Jubilee (music) FREE FRINGE!
Lively music beloved by all ages. Put some spice on your dance moves with a three- piece band full of bayou boogie.

Central Library 6:30 Fri, Helzberg Auditorium/Rooftop

Fire Fire Rockin? Blues Jam Revue (music) AA
Electrifying lead guitarist, Richard McConnell (the one man band) teams up with motivational storyteller, vocalist, Brother John for a rare, enthusiastic, rockin' jam session of gospel-infused blues.

Rim? Center 9:30 Fri

Fishing for Laughs (comedy / puppetry) FREE FRINGE!
The Bassmeister ? Curt Strutz
The Bassmeister is a fun and entertaining guy who brings the excitement of fishing into the lives of both children and adults, even if they don?t fish! Kids will learn fishing basics and get directly involved with demonstrations on stage, which will have the audience rolling in their seats and the children begging to be the next volunteer on stage. The show includes a ?Bass Beauty Pageant,? smelling stinky stink bait, and teaching children critical thinking related to lure selection and water safety.

Central Library 2:00 & 3:30 Sat, Helzberg Auditorium

Five & Dime Showcase: The Musical (theatre / music) PG
Cross Currents
Three Five & Dime Award Winning short plays, ?The Sausage Man Sketch?, ?Assertiveness Training?, and ?How to Sell Your Soul without Really Trying? will be paired with music by long time veteran music makers Bob and Diana Suckiel for an hour of humor and social satire.

Bohemain Gallery 8:00 & 11:00 Sat, 2:00 Sun

Forrest Whitlow (music) AA FREE FRINGE!
?David Lynch meets Neil Young? in the introspective, country-tinged balladry of this Kentucky bred local songsmith. Explore the darker side of the human psyche with musical tales of lust, murder and despair.

Central Library 6:30 Fri, Kirk Hall

Fringe Binge! FREE FRINGE!

Brother Iota (music) AA
Brother Iota is Kansas City's space music ensemble. Completely original and spontaneous, they create ambient, electronic soundscapes for discriminating listeners. Brother Iota is avante-garde, atmospheric, experimental electronica. Consciousness-expanding sounds for all your perception-shifting needs. The soundtrack for your stylish, dangerous life.

Fringe Festival Fashion Show (fashion) AA
Upcoming Kansas City designers will showcase their work in a fun and unique runway show. Participants include DeSiGNz by ktc, nAth@niel Ren3Wal, Cast Offs, Imagination, Refinding, Take a Halliday and illustration shirts by Madison Joy.

One Hand Down (music) AA
Hard and Heavy! With a wide range of influences, they have developed their own hard hitting sound. With a high-energy show and a solid hard groove, One Hand Downis definitely a band to watch.

One Million Tiny Tiny Jesuses (music) AA
Electronic, experimental, independent music.

Kredulous (music) PG
Kansas City urban artist Kredulous? songs contain compellingly magnetic messages that draw the listener in with their authenticity. He wants to reach not only people who listen to hip-hop, but people who listen to ?music.?

Zone Sculpture Park 8:00 Thur, Fri & Sat

The Grand Design and Other Plays: An Acting Showcase (comedy / drama) PG
Actor Training Studio
An Actor Training Studio showcase where actors negotiate the creative tension between love and science, numbers and pictures, facts and feelings.
Adult language.

The Farm 8:00 Thur, 9:30 Fri, 6:30 Sat, 5:00 Sun

Guess Who?s Coming To? (storytelling) PG
Donna & Tony Figueroa
The African/Swedish/Puerto Rican/Americans are coming. There goes the neighborhood!
GUESS WHO?S COMING TO? is an evening of stories from a typical American marriage told by a typical American couple, Los Angeles based storytellers, Tony & Donna Figueroa. OneSwedish/Puerto Rican TV aficionado and one African-American Jane Pauley sound alike shopaholic. Follow their adventures in and over Hollywood as they stray from the normalcy of their home in Hollywood, CA.

Next Space 8:00 Thur, 6:30 Fri, 3:30 & 8:00 Sat

Henna Body Art Demonstration (body art) AA FREE FRINGE!
Sheryl Nance-Durst
Through hands on demonstration, learn what henna is, its cultural history and traditions, and how to mix and apply it to yourself. Participants will take home instructions and samples.

Central Library 2:00 Sat, Kirk Hall

Higher Power (drama)
MA Little Red Square
Sex, drugs, rock and roll, and Catholicism collide in the lives of three young midwesterners as a last-ditch drug deal causes the undoing of family and friendships. Written by Sam Ryan.
Adult language.

Just Off Broadway 8:00 Thru & Fri, 5:00 Sat & Sun

How To Fake Clinical Depression (comedy) PG
Steven Marrocco (Los Angeles, CA)
For the last three years, major pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer have been recruiting research subjects off of Craigslist Los Angeles to test new anti-depressants by offering them money in exchange for taking their drugs. See how a starved actor/bassist twisted the study to his own diabolical needs and got waaaay more than he bargained for.

10 Main Center 8:00 Fri, 3:30 & 9:30 Sat, 3:30 Sun

In Conclusive Woman (performance art) MA
JulieRae Productions (Warrensburg, MO)
Using projections, video, and words, Pratt reveals the life of an incest survivor, fat chick, momma's child, beloved teacher, abandoned wife, failed mother, surgical crash test dummy, fabulous post-40 party girl and 21st century semi-wise woman.
Adult language, nudity.

The Farm 11:00 Fri
Arts Incubator Upstairs 11:00 Sat

Jeffrey Ward Photography (visual art) AA FREE FRINGE!
Jeffrey Ward (Lawrence, KS)
Jeffrey Ward is a true traditionalist photographer, preferring black and white photographs and the film process. He has his hand involved in every step of the process from taking the picture to developing the film to making the print in the darkroom.

Next To Grinders

Jeron Newton (visual art) AA FREE FRINGE!
Jeron?s summer works focus on the human form from an Intuitive sense. These are mostly raku fired pieces that have come out of the fire with interesting and very pleasing results.


Joyce Slater (visual art) AA FREE FRINGE!
Enjoy the country side of Europe in Joyce Slater?s pastel paintings. Florals, landscapes, beaches and tourists come to life in her very bold style.

10 Main Center

Katie Coble (visual art) AA FREE FRINGE!
Mostly acrylic portraits, and assemblage work with textile. Katie likes to design wearable art and paint portraits that are somewhat interactive?involving the viewer with moveable objects or text. Some even have a somewhat storybook nature to them.


KC Folk Music Presents:

Mike Thompson?s Drum Up (music) AA
Mike Thompson?s professional career includes backing gigs with such artists as Jose Feliciano, Joe Williams, Della Reese, Grady Tate, Charo, Robert Goulet, Lou Rawls and Jim Nabors. Mike will perform solo acoustic and electronic percussion.

Bohemian Gallery 9:30 Fri

Oye Tate (music) AA
Israeli Folk Trio features the singing of JoJo le sefarade. and the Klezmer Clarinet stylings of Kay Martin. Many of the songs that are sung in Hebrew are wonderful melodies that somehow have become lost in this day and age we live. Other material consists of the standard Klezmer repertoire of Bulgars, Freilachs and the lovely Erev Shel Shoshanim.

Bohemian Gallery 5:00 Sat

TQ4 (music) AA
TQ4 ensemble plays a variety of folk music from Central Europe to the middle east. Instrumentation includes violin, mandolin, clarinet, flute, bass and percussion. Their repertoire consists of Hungarian gypsy melodies, songs from Ireland, Greece, Bulgaria as well as tangos and choros from South America.

Bohemian Gallery 8:00 Thur

Gypsy Jazz Quartet (music) AA
KC Music Service The Gypsy Jazz trio is patterned after the music of Django Reinhardt and features the violin and the guitar. The play list includes the famous compositions of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelly.

Bohemian Gallery 5:00 Sun

Line (comedy) PG
Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre
Written by Israel Horovitz
A group of people come together to form a line. Gradually, the struggle for first place begins, exposing an extraordinary panorama of human frailty. ?First is good.?

Arts Incubator ? Upstairs 6:30 Thur, 11:00 Fri, 9:30 Sat, 5:00 Sun

Living the Dream 2006 (drama / musical theatre / dance /poetry) AA
EGYPT Source
"Living The Dream" addresses some tough issues including illiteracy, drugs and HIV from a youth perspective. This play confronts issues the youth face today. Despite the obstacles, and hardships, they overcome.
Adult language, smoke, strobe lights, gunshots.

Chameleon 9:30 Fri, 5:00 Sun

Missouri Valley Folklife Society Presents: Music & More (music) AA
Missouri Valley Folklife Society
Multi-talented musicians Mike Dugger, Turlach Boylan, and Kelly Dougherty will showcase traditional Irish folk music, one of many genres MVFS (Missouri Valley Folklife Society) has presented to audiences in KC. Mike Dugger on guitar and vocals, Turlach Boylan on banjo and flute, are part of the Irish band Glen Road. Kelly Dougherty?s rich vocals were a favorite feature of the band Shenanigans. MVFS continues to work to provide a venue for traditional folk artists, musicians, and dancers.

Rim? Center 8:00 Fri, 9:30 Sat, 3:30 Sun

Merri Morningstar (visual art) AA FREE FRINGE!
Merri has been an artist all of her life. Her style is funky to elegant and everything in between. Quality and spirituality are the key ingredients of her work.

Just Off Broadway

Myrna Minnis (visual art) AA FREE FRINGE!
Myrna creates funky characters for the garden. Real and imaginary creatures are made of stoneware clay. Her garden is filled with mystical elves and fairies plus toads, lizards, birdhouses and wizards that she has created.

Just Off Broadway

Myrna Minnis (Oogly Lady) (visual art) AA FREE FRINGE!
Relax, destress, be playful. Create an ?oogly,? a whimsical character who personifies creative energy and personal expression. Using non-hardening clay, wake up your own creativity, have fun creating an ?oogly.? All ages welcome.

Central Library 11:00 to 4:00 Sat, Film Vault

The News Show (comedy) MA
Bacon Shake Sketch Comedy
Breaking News! Get the news that you will not hear from those ?other? stations. Bacon Shake News brings you the bizarre, funny and totally untrue ?News you can taste!? Written by Tim Rothwell, Joel Moses, and Zach Thonen.
Adult language.

The Farm 3:30 & 9:30 Sat

Nicole & the Nikoria Dancers (dance) AA
In the tradition of Katherine Dunhan & La Meril, the Nikoria Dancers (formerly Nicole & Gloria English Dancers) present interpretive works of ethnic dance from around the world, specializing in Oriental, Mid-East & Tropical Dance.

Crown Center 3:30 & 6:30 Sat, 5:00 Sun

Oblivious to Everyone (comedy) MA
Eubank Productions
Created by Jessica Johnson (New York City)
Jessica Johnson?s one-woman show reveals a broad array of characters and contemporary icons in this fast paced, provocative tour-de-force about a self-proclaimed ?smut-aholic? who is grotesquely influenced by media.
Adult language.

Next to Grinders 11:00 Fri, 3:30 & 9:30 Sat

On Tap (dance) AA
Metronome Rhythm Tap
Choreographed by Annie Mayer (New York City)
A fierce-footed solo performance of original rhythm tap dance choreography and improvisation. Fun and high-energy combine with skill and grace to entertain and inspire audiences of all ages.

Blue Wolf Gallery 8:00 Fri, 2:00 & 11:00 Sat, 3:30 Sun

One for the Road (drama) PG
A chilling study of power and powerlessness. Set in an unnamed totalitarian state, the play presents a violent, disturbing portrait of political horror in which an interrogator torments a tortured prisoner and his imprisoned wife and child. Featuring Phil blue owl Hooser. Partially funded by Amnesty International Group 115.
Adult language, adult situations.

The Next Space 9:30 Fri, 6:30 Sat, 2:00 Sun

Open Air (visual art) AA FREE FRINGE!
Painting by Scott D?Angelo (St. Louis, MO)
This show is a mix of Impressionistic and abstract paintings created by an artist/art-teacher who is inspired by Monet and other artists.

Out of the Mouths of Moms (drama / dance / performance art) PG
Shawn Womack (Grinnell, IA)
Three solo docu-dramas that pester notions of Motherhood. Personal accounts collide with historical narratives and media-driven dramas of notorious moms - troubled moms, loving moms, fighting moms, soccer moms and the desert mothers.

Arts Incubator ? Downstairs 8:00 Fri, 9:30 Sat, 2:00 Sun

Paperboy Dreams - Poetry by Timothy Pettet (poetry) AA
Timothy Pettet
Dreaming of customers waking up to the thump of the morning paper, the crunch of bicycle tires in the gravel, a paperboy wakes up to pumping legs and a breeze.

Rim? Center 8:00 Sat, 5:00 Sun

Parallel Lives: The Kathy and Mo Show (comedy) MA
Jenn and Amy Present
Written by Mo Gaffney & Kathy Najimy
Two actresses play men & women struggling through the common rituals of modern life. With boundless humor, these characters reexamine the ongoing quest to find equality, handicapped by capricious goddesses.
Adult language.

The Next Space 11:00 Fri, 9:30 Sat, 5:00 Sun

Penny Olivier (music) AA
Songwriter Penny Olivier provides a magical accoustic blend of jazz, blues and rock. Her powerful lyrics and moving rhythms will run through your mind long after the show is over!

Rim? Center 6:30 Fri, 6:30 & 11:00 Sat

Pissing In Rome (comedy) PG
Created by Joyce Slater
Take a scatological journey through Western Europe with Joyce Slater. Tour the toilets of Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, England and Sweden. WC spells relief, depend on it.
Adult Language.

Arts Incubator ? Downstairs 6:30 Thur, 9:30 Fri, 5:00 & 8:00 Sat

Puppet Palooza (puppetry) AA FREE FRINGE!
Kraig Kensinger
Kraig Kensinger, from The Puppetry Arts Institute in Independence, MO, presents a showcase of novelty marionette, hand, and trick puppets. From juggling bears to cavorting clowns, this musical revue is a treat for all ages.

Central Library 2:00 Sun, Helzberg Auditorium

Reverend Tommy?s Electroshock Revival (comedy / storytelling) MA
Reverend Tommy (Los Angeles, CA)
Tommy is 58 years old. Tommy is crazy. Literally. He is a drunken aldulterous Southerner, and just happens to be manic depressive. His story spans from the State Hospital for the Insane, to getting sober, to his even crazier career as a B-movie actor.
Adult language.

The Next Space 6:30 Thur, 8:00 Fri, 5:00 Sat, 3:30 Sun

Sit, Stand, Walk, Speak, and Play (dance / music / video / spoken word) AA
Kacico Dance, Kansas City Contemporary Dance
Choreographed by Michelle Diane Brown
Sit, Stand. . . is a continuous, diffusive dance performance combined with video, music and set. Performance happens all around you. The audience is encouraged to move during the performance.

Arts Incubator ? Upstairs 9:30 Fri, 6:30 Sat, 2:00 Sun

Skitz-Ophrenia!!! (comedy / performance art) AA
Renee Howard & Dean Hatton (Minneapolis, MN)
A showcase of stylish dramatic and comedic skits touching on such topics as, well.., life, love, and finding happiness. Be prepared to laugh, to cry, and to be mesmerized.

The Farm 6:30 Thur & Fri, 8:00 Sat, 2:00 Sun

Some Funk From Him & Some Funk From Her (poetry) AA FREE FRINGE!
Banks Works - Stanley and Janet Banks
The Banks hour of entertaining poetry moves from humorous to rage to poignant. The production will cover themes such as love, politics, attitudes, relationships, inspiration, and the African American experience.
Adult language.

Central Library 3:30 Sun, Helzberg Auditorium

Songwriters Lottery Showcase 2006 (music) AA
Songwriters Circle of Kansas City

Thursday, July 27
Songwriters Jim Herrmann (6:30) and Larry Garrett (7:00) present their best original acoustic songs.

Friday, July 28
Songwriters Kaye Johnston (8:00) and Doug Gauthier (8:30) present their best original acoustic songs

Saturday, July 29
Songwriters Ryan Wymore (6:30) and Lisa Sandell (7:00) present their best original acoustic songs.

Sunday, July 30
Songwriters Kenny Hines (3:30) and Bob Morris (4:00) present their best original acoustic songs.


Bohemian Gallery 6:30 Thur, 8:00 Fri, 6:30 Sat, 3:30 Sun

Sounds of Africa (music) FREE FRINGE!
Traditional Music Society
Exciting rhythms and exhilarating dances transport you to the setting of an African village. Explore the meaning of African music and how it conveys history and reinforces social values.

Central Library 2:00 Sat, Kirk Hall

The Star Chamber (comedy) AA
Screaming at the Sky Theatre Company
Written by Latif Nasser (Mississauga, Canada)
Can one assume the speed of time is truly one second per second? Answers to a myriad of questions that you didn?t think you had in...The Star Chamber.

Arts Incubator ? Downstairs 8:00 Thur, 6:30 Fri, 11:00 Sat, 3:30 Sun

Susan McCully?s Inexcusable Fantasies: A One Woman Whirlwind (comedy) MA
Susan McCully (Baltimore, MD)
CRITICALLY ACLAIMED: ?McCully?s lusty tales are not biography, they?re adroit, subtle comedies performed with enormous verve and artistry.? (Cincinnati CityBeat) ?Her tale is outrageous and downright inspired.? (Orlando Sentinel).
(Mild) Adult language.

Next To Grinders 6:30 Fri, 8:00 Sat, 5:00 Sun

Synaesthetic (visual art / poetry / dance) MA
Marked (Warrensburg, MO)
A collision of paint and poetry, music and movement coalesce on stage to form Synaesthetic, an amalgamation of art that exposes and celebrates the act of creation itself.
Adult language.

The Farm 5:00 Sat

Thanks For the Scabies, Jerkface! (performance art) MA
Dan Bernitt
After leaving his parents? house and experiencing a sour relationship, a homophobic roommate, and a bout of scabies, will this gay college kid from Kentucky grow to find a home?
Adult language.


Next to Grinders 9:30 Fri, 6:30 & 11:00 Sat, 3:30 Sun

The Mark of Women in Kansas City (improv) AA FREE FRINGE!
History Alive Presentations
Marlene Katz on the women she recreates: ?Civil rights, human relations and prejudice were topics of great importance to Esther Brown ..? ?No child is ever turned away from Children?s Mercy Hospital,? commented Alice Berry Graham and Katherine Berry Richardson, founders. ?Mrs. Stover?s Bungalow Candies brought fame and fortune to Clara and Russell Stover.?

Central Library 2:00 Sun, Guldner Gallery

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