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Did Melania Trump's Speech Do What It Needed To Do?

There’s been a lot of controversy about parts of Melania Trump’s speech that mirrored Michelle Obama’s address to the Democratic Convention eight years ago. But how much did that matter to the delegates at the convention?

Here & Now host Robin Young talks with Fulton County, Georgia County Commissioner and GOP delegate Liz Haussman about Trump’s keynote address and what’s resonating with the delegates.

Interview Highlights: Liz Haussman

On claims of plagiarism in Melania’s speech:

“Well, everyone makes mistakes. We all do. However, I think the thing that came out of last night, in her really first appearance before our country, was to show the grace and class and beautifulness of her. I mean, she’s well-educated. She’s well-spoken. She loves her husband. She supports him a hundred percent. She’s a good mother from all accounts.”

On whether those claims bother her:

“I’m an elected official. I might have perhaps used some phrases from someone else once or twice in my career.”

On Trump’s immigration stance, given his wife is an immigrant:

“Well, he’s calling himself the law and order candidate. That applies to all laws in our country. We have immigration laws in place. I actually have a brother in law who’s from Venezuela. He’s a legal immigrant. I’m a product of immigrants. We all are. I think that we have laws for a reason. We’re in a dangerous world right now. We have to consider that when we let people into our country.”

On her thoughts about day one at the convention:

“It was great. It was exciting. We had a lot of a passion. The focus on our national security is paramount. All the other issues that we can talk about really are insignificant. If our country is not secure, if there are bombings here, if we’re not free to live our lives. I think it’s very important that we set the stage with that focus on the first night.”


Liz Haussman, Fulton County Commissioner in Atlanta and Georgia Republican delegate.

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