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Kansas City BLM Murals | Multiracial In America | Music Venues & Coronavirus

A bird's-eye view of a Black Lies Matter street mural in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
August Schwerdfeger
Black Lives Matter murals like this one in Minneapolis are being created in cities across the country. In Kansas City, six of the murals are in the works.

Murals on the value of Black life are set to grace Kansas City streets, a historic vice presidential candidacy gives rise to reflections on race and identity, and Kansas City music venues are embracing change to salvage the summer concert season.

Segment 1, beginning at 4:04: Organizers will put down paint to show Black Lives Matter in Kansas City.

Six streets in Kansas City are due to become canvases for custom-designed Black Lives Matter murals, in the manner of similar projects in Washington, Cleveland, Tulsa and elsewhere. The goal is to begin plotting the art and paint on Sept. 5, while inspiring positive change that dismantles structural racism in the process.

Segment 2, beginning at 23:03: What Sen. Kamala Harris' vice presidential candidacy means for multiracial people in the U.S.

That Kamala Harris was the first Black woman and also the first Asian American woman to be the presumptive nominee for vice president came as a surprise to many. "She appears to lean into her Black identity," says writer Nisha Chittal, but her cultural, ethnic and racial background is more nuanced. The historic candidacy is prompting new conversations about being multiracial in the U.S.

Segment 3, beginning at 37:07: For music venue owners in the age of coronavirus, adaptation is the name of the game.

For indoor sites like the recordBar, business has ground nearly to a halt. A room that once held 300 people is now catering to groups of 30-50, but that model isn't sustainable. Taking the operation outdoors seems more suitable, as evidenced by preliminary success at a new venue called Lemonade Park, and creative concert solutions happening at Knuckleheads.

For more information about the Black Lives Matter murals in Kansas City, and to volunteer to paint, visit the KC Art on the Block Facebook Page.

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