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World Series 'Fur Hat Lady' Could Be This Halloween's Breakout Star

Karen Eisenbraun

If you've watched the World Series at all this year (and if you live in Kansas City there is a very good chance you have,according to FOX's TV ratings) then you know 'Fur Hat Lady.' She's this year's 'Marlins Man.' 

There she is, peeking over the shoulder of right-handed batters and boring her sunglass-gaze into your deeper conscious. 


In a sea of blue-clad Royals fans, she has stubbornly stuck out in the first two games of the World Series. Wearing what appears to be a mink fur hat and oversized sunglasses, she looks like she'd be more comfortable in a Connery-era Bond film rather than in baseball boxseats.

She and her husband are actually long-time fans and season-ticket holders who were present behind the dugout for the Royals' memorable 2014 postseason run. So, she hasn't hopped on some obscure bandwagon hoping for national television exposure. But that hasn't stopped the Internet from goingcrazy over 'Fur Hat Lady' this postseason.

And it now appears she may also be the breakout star of this Halloween. For those desperate for a last-minute costume idea, this one may require a run to the local thrift shop (that is, if you're not willing to raid your grandmother's closet). Take inspiration from some of these Twitter renditions of 'Fur Hat Lady'. 

Take it out to the bars. 

Or make it a family affair. 

Pets always need an assist with their costumes. 

And this pumpkin by Karen Eisenbraun gets it, too. 

Kyle Palmer is the editor of the Shawnee Mission Post, a digital news outlet serving Northeast Johnson County, Kansas. He previously served as KCUR's news director and morning newscaster.
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