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9 Podcasts About Love That You're Gonna Love

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Do you <3 podcasts? You're gonna love this list.

If you're looking to fall in love, you need not go any further than the podcast app on your phone

In fact, podcasts can be better than real-life sweethearts. They can whisper sweet nothings at whatever volume you like, you can always unsubscribe without any breakup drama, and you never have to introduce them to your parents.

And without further ado, here are some great podcasts about love. And don't worry, not always the mushy-gushy kind. 

1. Modern Love: Missed Connection

If you’re a fan of the New York Times’ Modern Love column, the superbness of this new podcast will come as no surprise. In this first episode, Rosemary Counter goes to Craigslist to find some folks to laugh at in the “Missed Connections” section, but she ends up finding love (well, sort of).

2. The Heart: Desiray + Aaron

Who was your celebrity crush when you were a kid? Jonathan Taylor Thomas? Liv Tyler? Will Smith? Desiray’s was, well, I should say is, Aaron Carter. But she’s totally cool about it. I mean, she’s only been to like dozens of his concerts ...

3. Israel Story: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

All right, here’s the Valentine’s Day episode you’ve been waiting for, but you’re going to have to go all the way to Israel to get it. Israel Story strives to be the This American Life of its nation and in this episode we learn of an arranged marriage, a Jewish matchmaker, and star-crossed lovers.

4. Death, Sex & Money: Why You’re Not Having Sex

This show from WNYC talks about the topics that we don’t discuss enough — death, sex and money. In this episode, listeners tell host Anna Sale why they’re not having sex. The answers are as varied as sex is taboo — some don’t wanna, others are trying but haven’t had any luck, and a few are worried they never will.

5. Neighbors: Quit Playing Games With My Heart

When relationships get bad (like really bad) it can be a relief to escape into your imagination. Todd Michael Rogers’ imagination took him to a “post apocalyptic medieval western.” In this imagined world, all he had was wit and a handful of spells, and the task of saving the world (or what was left of it). As Todd’s real life continued to spiral downwards, he turned his imagination into a card game, a “tabletop novel,” if you will. And thus, out of the ashes of a broken heart, rose a beautiful phoenix of nerdy love (cue trumpets and doves).

6. Strangers: The Waxing Virgin

Being over 30 years old and a virgin is hard when you’d rather have a mate. Having an incredibly religious family makes it even tougher. And waxing genitalia for a living, on top of all that, just makes it, well, a really great story. Four years ago this was Becca’s story. Today, on this episode of Strangers, you catch up with Becca. Things have changed, in some pretty big ways, but it didn’t make life any easier.

7. UnFictional: Grace of the Sea

Luis Jesus Gutierez Sanchez is our protagonist’s given name, but he prefers Grace of the Sea. He sells hot dogs and candies on the streets of Los Angeles. He is an undocumented worker from Mexico, living in a garage, and he is about to be evicted. He knows he could return to Mexico, but he doesn’t want to leave his family here in the states. Grace’s love, nay, lust for life is so inspiring that this is a must-listen.

8. Millennial: When Would We Get Married?

Megan Tan is the producer of the podcast Millennial. In the first season, we followed her path in life as she struggled to find a job after graduating from college. In season two, where we are now, Megan shares her stories and others as the young and the restless (read: millennials) figure out what this “adult” thing is all about. In this episode Megan chats with her divorced parents, unhappily married sister and boyfriend about marriage. Is it ever really “happily ever after?”

9. Mortified: Tyler and Janelle: Love American Online Style

Chatting online is second nature these days. I’m chatting constantly on three different platforms as I write this article (don’t tell my boss.) But when AOL first came out, it was a BFD. Especially if you were a lovesick teenaged boy, and the girl of your dreams would actually chat with you. Nevermind the fact that she had no idea of your true feelings, no matter how blatantly obvious you tried to make them.

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I guess folks are really into these podcast things...

Kyle J Smith is an intern for KCUR's Digital Team. You can find him on Twitter @kjs_37

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