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Moran Worries ACA Will Cut Care In Rural Kansas

Kansas Republican Sen. Jerry Moran says his biggest worry about the Affordable Care Act is that it may ultimately lead to medical care being less available in rural communities.

Moran made the comment during a town hall meeting Thursday in Salina.

Moran was responding to a question about the requirement that women’s reproductive services, including contraceptives, be included in all health insurance plans sold on the exchanges.

He says his bigger concern is that the Affordable Care Act is underfunded, and the way Congress and the President look to save money is by paying hospitals and doctors less.

“I will never forget my first visit to the hospital in Lincoln, Kansas, where 90 percent of the patients admitted to their hospital are on Medicare. So when Medicare doesn’t cover the costs, what does a community like Lincoln do?" Moran said.

"It means sales tax, property tax. Then you’re put in this dilemma about can we afford to pay more taxes, but can we afford to lose our hospital?”

Moran contends the Affordable Care Act will lead to further cuts in provider reimbursements, causing some providers to get out of the business. He says rural America is where that’s most likely to happen. 

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