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Audiofiles: Winter Edition

Feb 22, 2016

We share tips on starting a successful podcast from The Heart's Kaitlin Prest. Our critics on what they're listening to, from fresh takes on folk tales to new ways of exploring crime to voices of Bernie Sanders supporters and other political podcasts. Bonus: Take an audio journey through the wacky hotel scene at the annual Folk Alliance International conference with KCUR's Hannah Copeland. 


  • Kaitlin Prest, national podcast creator, The Heart
  • Beckett Graham, local podcast creator, The History Chicks
  • Matt Staub, podcast enthusiast
  • Kyle J Smith, KCUR intern, podcast enthusiast

New recommendations from the Audiofiles:

  • Myths and Legends, a retelling of stories that have shaped culture
  • You Must Remember This, behind-the-scenes stories from old-timey Hollywood
  • Lexicon Valley, on the origins of words and phrases
  • Bandwagon, exploring voices of Bernie Sanders supporters from across the country
  • Criminal, in-depth crime stories told with intellect, compassion and curiosity
  • Where There's Smoke, an exploration of the human condition in pop culture and current events
  • Whistlestop, connecting presidential campaigns of the past with news of the present