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Kansas City , Mo. –

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At least two clear lessons can be learned from the recent financial crisis:

1) Economics and personal finance can be confusing.

2) Most of us don't know as much as we should about these matters.

No matter what children grow up to be, economics are sure to affect them.

How and at what stage should economics be introduced into school curriculum to produce a population of fiscally savvy adults?

How can teachers educate their students about being entrepreneurs, investors or even just consumers with bank accounts?

What is the role of parents in educating financially responsible members of society?

Gayle Voyles joined us from UMKC's Center for Economic Education to discuss her efforts to introduce economics and money management into the K-12 school curriculum in Kansas and Missouri.

We also hear from Peggy Jones of Exchange City, a model city run by kids who learn - in the process - the lost art of balancing a checkbook, as well as the riskier business of investing in the stock market.

Center for Economic Education, UMKC School of Education

Exchange City

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