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Spice Challenges: Four Places To Burn Your Taste Buds Off In Kansas City

Feb 6, 2015

Two spoonfuls of this house-made dried chili packs the punch in the Thai Place's Demon Gapow.
Credit Sylvia Maria Gross / KCUR

1. Thai Place in Westport, Kansas City, Mo.: The "Demon Gapow" is made with 10 habanero peppers, 25 thai chili peppers, 10 fresh jalapeno peppers, 10 serrano peppers, and two large tablespoons of house-made dried chili.

Patrons must eat the entire plate in 30 minutes, and they get it for free, plus a t-shirt, a $50 gift certificate and a photo on the restaurant's "Wall of Fame." (Note: the Thai Place Hot Challenge has taken a winter hiatus and will return in the spring)

2. Sama Zama: Eat an entire bowl of their hot ramen and you get it for free, and a $10 gift certificate, according to INK.

3. Grinders: Death Wings. Made with ghost peppers, "the Near Death Sauce delivers a slow burn that starts at the back of the throat and gradually encompasses the entire head. Imagine sitting in a steam room infused with horseradish or holding your face 2 inches above a pot of boiling water." according to The Pitch's Angela Lutz.

4. KC Smoke Burger: Challenge Burger. Like the Demon Gapow described above, this dish comes to the table with a medical waiver. Those who attempt to eat the entire burger have a half hour to complete the task. One Yelp reviewer who took on the challenge says that when the burger was served, "just the scent was enough to knock a guy over... they loaded that thing up with capsaicin!" Servers actively discourage anyone who is uncertain from trying this. Preview the experience by watching this video.