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Tips and Tricks for Planning Your Holiday Party


Throwing a holiday party this year?

...completely freaking out yet?

Our Central Standard food guru Beth Bader has some incredibly simple tips that'll help you put together a festive, stress-free celebration.

Five Tips for a Do-Able Holiday Party

5. Clean the parts of the house where guests will be. Shut the doors to rooms that you didn't get to. Or, have a "house party" the day before. As in, "EVERYBODY in the family is invited to the house-cleaning party. No need to RSVP, you're coming!"

4. Plan a menu that only features one (or none) dish that takes a lot of effort. Look for make-ahead dishes you know you can count on to fill in the menu.

3. Potluck is perfectly fine! We're all cutting back this year, if it weren't for potlucks, most of us would not be able to afford to entertain and buy holiday gifts, too.

2. Santa's not the only one with a list. Make one of your own and delegate those tasks as needed.

1. Tell your inner perfectionist where she can put the candy cane. Holidays are for time with friends and family who love you as you are.


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