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Central Standard

KC Artists' Tribute To Etta James

Kansas City artists love reasons to get together, and who's more tribute-worthy than the late Etta James? On this Thursday's Central Standard, a look back at the singer’s many styles, from early jump blues to country soul.

We'll be joined by musician Bryan Redmond, of the Grand Marquis, and John Fitzpatrick, Director of the Marquee Lounge, to explore her influence on artists in our area.
On Wednesday, April 18th at the Marquee Lounge there will be a KC musician's tribute to Etta James with performances by Dave Stephens, Mama Ray, Hermon Mehari, Anna Lee Will, Henry Hart, Mary Bridget Davies, Danielle Schnebelen, Millie Edwards, Linda Shell, Bukeka Shoals, Lori Tucker and DJ Sweeney.