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The Food Critics: Restaurant Etiquette


There are a number of social land mines that can be tripped in restaurants.  How is the best way to handle a declined credit card, or when do you send something back to the kitchen?  On Central Standard Friday food critics Charles Ferruzza, Mary Bloch, Emily Farris and Gloria Gale tackle this subject and all the new restaurants of KC.

Discussed Restaurants:

715 in Lawrence

   Homemade pasta

Cafe Sebastienne in The Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art
   Great, but too small (tables too small for 4 people)

Pig & Finch in Park Place, 11570 Ash St., Leawood, KS. (913) 322-7444

Gruner Salad
   Shaved Radish, Cucumber, Turnip, Butter Lettuce, Toasted Almonds, Cider Vinaigrette, Grilled Chicken

   'The Best' Fried Chicken, ever.
   Alex's Green Bean Casserole, Yukon Mashed Potatoes, Buttermilk Biscuit w/ Raspberry Jam

Grilled Pig Chop
  Brussels Sprout Hash, Potato Croquette, Madeira Mustard

New Location - Bo Ling's  4701 Jefferson St, Kansas City | (816) 753-1718
   Emily loved the ramen bar and salted fish fried rice

iEats 13366 Metcalf Avenue
  Crispy salmon rolls that beat any
   8 dumplings in an order
   Sweet glazed fish
   Everything is less than $8

  Went for lunch and dinner - loved it!

Kevin in Overland Park
   Port Fonda - Loved it
   Anton’s - Loved the beer (1610 Main)

Etiquette Tips:
David Hayden  | Author, Tips [Squared]: Tips for Improving Your Tips
  When card is declined: Make it as un-noticeable as possible
  Reservations - Keep them and be on time or call

Emily - Always tip on full amount
Margaret - Returning take out tricky situation
Emily - Always check your order before leaving with your takeout
Kevin in KCK - Should servers always give fives and ones in change?
Charles -  It’s okay to expect fives and ones (servers should provide)
Emily - Don’t ask “Can I bring you some change?” Just bring change
Bob - Bandana’s in Independence - well-oiled machine during snow storm - So he over-tipped
Janelle - Manager made up for messed up takeout order at Cheesecake Factory with extra cheesecake
Linister - Ask the waiter to sample the wine

Matthew Long-Middleton has been a talk-show producer, community producer, Media Training Manager and now the Community Engagement Manager at KCUR. You can reach him at Matthew@kcur.org, or on Twitter @MLMIndustries.