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LISTEN: Kansas City Poet Iris Appelquist On Motherhood

Courtesy of Iris Appelquist

my dearest and most sweet

it wasn’t possible, possibly; there is no 
reason to have expected being given 
anything, and then there was you. i’m 
sorry. it’s an unfortunate truth that 
our relationship must be predicated – at least 
in part – on fear;  i love you. people will 
hate you or be mystified, they’ll make demands
and not tell you what they are. people are 
confusing, sometimes; confused at other times.
let’s just not make a big deal about it. eventually,
you will understand that we’re in constant
danger of dreams and being in love; you’re
welcome. it’s my burden and boon to ensure that you
cannot let your own certainty get in the way of 
anything; to facilitate your feeling absurd 
in times of banality; to conjure magic in times 
of nothingness; to break open all the vaults 
of the world for you. it’s not fair. it’s scantly 
peaceful, it’s strange, it’s exciting and, shortly: 
imperfect. if our thing goes suitably, it’s likely you’ll 
grow resentments and probably experience a
generalized or particular loathing, though these
are things easily displaced or mislaid; i love 
you. i’m sorry. it’s not fair. you’re welcome. 

Iris Appelquist is a single mom and a writer in Kansas City. Her most recent book of poems, 'where we were we were there,' was published in March.

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