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Seg. 1: Celebrity Endorsements. Seg. 2: Names. Seg. 3: Death Of The VW Bug.

Segment 1: Celebrities are entertaining and increasingly political.

Recently more and more celebrities are getting involved in political activism, but it has not always been this way. We talk about the origin of celebrity influence in politics and its effects in today's political climate.

Segment 2, beginning at 14:10: What's in a name?

Dear Abby advised readers to avoid naming their children 'foreign' or 'unusual' names, but responses on social media and an article in the New York Times took issue with that advice. We discuss the pros and cons of growing up with a 'unique' name and why some names are considered 'normal' in the United States.

Segment 3, beginning at 39:55: Volkswagen is ending production of the Beetle.

The 'Bug' has become an iconic vehicle since its creation in 1938, well loved by the public. However, with the current demand of larger family cars, Volkswagen has chosen to retire the Beetle... for now.

People don't make cameos in news stories; the human story is the story, with characters affected by news events, not defined by them. As a columnist and podcaster, I want to acknowledge what it feels like to live through this time in Kansas City, one vantage point at a time. Together, these weekly vignettes form a collage of daily life in Kansas City as it changes in some ways, and stubbornly resists change in others. You can follow me on Twitter @GinaKCUR or email me at gina@kcur.org.