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Seg. 1: Unpredictable Weather. Seg. 2: Was Open Spaces A Success?

Segment 1: Why is predicting Kansas City weather so hard?

In Kansas City, you can regularly experience three seasons in one day. We talk with local meteorologists about how different elements of Kansas City such as altitude, latitude and longitude combine to create our signature weather, once named most unpredictable among major US cities

Segment 2, beginning at 24:31: Looking back at Open Spaces.

Open Spaces was an unprecedented arts festival for any city, encompassing mulitple locations throughout town for ten straight weeks. Now that it's over, what were the highs and lows? How could it improve? Did the city-sponsored event serve the public?

People don't make cameos in news stories; the human story is the story, with characters affected by news events, not defined by them. As a columnist and podcaster, I want to acknowledge what it feels like to live through this time in Kansas City, one vantage point at a time. Together, these weekly vignettes form a collage of daily life in Kansas City as it changes in some ways, and stubbornly resists change in others. You can follow me on Twitter @GinaKCUR or email me at gina@kcur.org.