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Central Standard

Seg 1: Orwell's Manifesto. Seg 2: Artist Visits Border.

Segment 1: A KU sociology professor discovers a manifesto by George Orwell.  

A new book by David Smith, in collaboration with an artist, reveals there's more to Orwell than 1984. Much of the book is devoted to a manifesto Orwell wrote three years before that celebrated novel. It called for an international organization to prevent "psychological warfare." 

Segment 2, beginning at 24:11: Artist discusses recent travels along the US-Mexico border.

As the federal government remains shut down due to conflict over budgeting for a wall at the US-Mexico border, a Kansas City artist who crossed that border as a child returns, this time with US citizenship. Hear his story and observations. 

Gina Kaufmann is the host of KCUR’s Central Standard, a talkshow fueled by curiosity and critical thinking. You can reach her on Twitter, @GinaKCUR.
Sylvia Maria Gross is storytelling editor at KCUR 89.3. Reach her on Twitter @pubradiosly.