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Best Books We Read In 2019

Enjoy this guide to the best books read by our Bibliofiles and KCUR staffers in 2019.

The books that matter most as we look back on the year aren't always the books that were published this year. It's the ones we actually read. This collection of compelling reads is mostly recent, but runs the gamut, providing lots of options as you make your own reading list for 2020. Bonus: find out which of our panelists is a "Jo" and which is an "Amy" (as interpreted through the lens of Little Women).

  • Kaite Stover, director of readers' services, The Kansas City Public Library
  • Mark Luce, teacher at the Barstow School and lecturer at the University of Kansas
  • Jeffrey Ann Goudie, freelance writer and book reviewer
  • Melody Rowell, producer, Central Standard
  • CJ Janovy, digital managing editor, KCUR
  • Erica Hunzinger, news editor for the Kansas News Service and Missouri politics editor for KCUR
  • Dan Margolies, health and legal affairs editor, KCUR
Gina Kaufmann is the host of Real Humans By Gina Kaufmann. You can reach her on Twitter, @GinaKCUR.
Mackenzie Martin is a producer for KCUR's Up To Date, Real Humans By Gina Kaufmann, and A People's History of Kansas City. Reach out to her at or on Twitter @_macmartin.