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Central Standard

Seg. 1: Hew Locke's Exhibit | Seg. 2: Who Needs This Art | Seg. 3: The Anniversary Reunites

Segment 1: An exhibit at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art explores the theme of British colonialism.

The artist behind the exhibit grew up in Guyana and experienced reverberations of British colonialism in his life firsthand. Today he lives in London and wrestles with Britain's history and the version of itself that it exports through his art.

Segment 2, beginning at 14:24: An art exhibit at Haw Contemporary was designed around a simple question.

The gallery had to put the exhibit together in a rush after something fell through. They asked artists to contribute work with one stipulation: it had to answer or ask the question who needs this?

Segment 3, beginning at 28:31: The Lawrence band who made it big is playing together again decades after dramatically breaking up.

Whether you call it emo or indie rock, the music that made The Anniversary so popular in the 90's is now seeing a resurgence. That's part of the reason the band has been getting back together for occasional tours, including an upcoming show in Lawrence. The lead singer says playing the music on stage together after all of these years has been healing.

  • Josh Berwanger, vocals/guitar, The Anniversary
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