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Seg. 1: Two Women's Marches | Seg. 2: Hair Conflicts In The Military

Segment 1: A new kind of Women's March in Kansas City aims to include more diverse voices.

Since the first Women's March in 2017 after Trump's election, there has been national controversy on how diverse the march really is. This year there are two in Kansas City. Women's March Kansas City has been around for a few years, but Reale Womxn's Rally is new and its organizers say they brought in more diversity from the beginning. What does it mean though that the movement can't stay unified?

Segment 2, beginning at 23:20: A KU professor traced the history of hair related conflicts in the army as it pertains to race.

The U.S. military sent out surveys about race during the Vietnam War and hair was one thing that kept popping up, which begs the question: how does an institution based on uniformity handle the issue of racial identity?

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