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Seg. 1: Missouri And Kansas Foster Care Concerns. Seg. 2: Getting Health Care Without Insurance.

Missouri Department of Social Services Children's Division
Missouri's Children's Division is being sued for lack of oversight in the use of pyschotropic drugs on children as young as five years of age.

Segment 1: Controversy in Missouri and Kansas foster care. 

The foster care systems in Missouri and Kansas have been making headlines lately. In Missouri, the prescribing and administering of psychotropic drugs is at the center of litigation that just became a class action case. In Kansas, the Adoption Protection Act allows smaller agencies to deny potential parents adoption or fostering based on the agency's religious beliefs. We got an update on what's happening on both sides of the state line. 

Segment 2, starting at 25:02: Are there medical care options for people without health insurance?

A handful of Americans make too much money to qualify for government assistance to get health insurance, but not enough to afford it independently. Those without insurance often forego preventative care, which can lead to serious and costly health ailments. Today, we learned about the options uninsured people in the Kansas City area have to access quality health care without breaking the bank.

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