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6 Ferocious Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend

Mary Harrsch
Flickr - CC
Nothing says "ferocious" quite like the encapsulated corpses of ancient Romans killed by volcanic ash from Mount Vesuvius. Hey, nobody said history was always pretty.

For all that avoiding the wild side has going for it – achieving longevity immediately comes to mind – why are so many folks still interested in flirting with ferocious disaster?

I’m afraid there’s no easy answer. But since I like easy, let me try: Tame is tedious. Ferocious is fascinating. Sure, you can gum your food and get by. Or you can use your fangs and spill a little blood. Oh, my, I’d better clean that up.

Meanwhile, check out some things to do this weekend that wouldn’t exist without some sort of fascination with the often uncontrollable way of things. Wow, did I make a mess. Can someone get me a towel?


1. Pompeii – The Exhibition

It was an unimaginable nightmare for citizens of ancient Pompeii, when nature unleashed its wrath in the form of a volcanic eruption on Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. To call it a disaster would be an understatement. See some 200 artifacts culled from the ashes and feel what it might have been like to actually experience such a grim fate, courtesy of a “4D Eruption Theatre” and other special-effects laden attractions at Union Station’s latest eye-opening exhibit. A sight you won’t forget: Plaster casts of what was left of actual people who tried in vain to get away.

Thursday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sunday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m.; Union Station, 30 W. Pershing Road, Kansas City, Mo.; tickets: $12.95-$19.95.


2. The Illusionists – Live From Broadway

Water torture? That’s part of the grand-illusion package here, but don’t worry (too much), since the idea is to elude a cruel drowning during a “full view water torture escape” in this nationally touring extravaganza that presents seven world-class magicians pitting themselves against your disbelief. In addition to miraculously giving death the slip, the show’s other amazing trickeries include acts of vanishing, levitation and mind-reading. I know what you’re thinking – that I don’t know what you’re thinking! Call me a natural.

Thursday and Friday, 7:30 p.m.; Saturday, 2 and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday, 1 and 6:30 p.m.; Music Hall, 301 W. 13th St., Kansas City, Mo.; tickets: $39.75-$83.


3. Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Chiefs have done just enough on offense to win their last two games, while the team’s ferocious defense continues to carry the day by repeatedly taking the ball away from opposing offenses and sacking the quarterback. Here’s hoping for a lot more O from the Chiefs this weekend, when they take on the Buccaneers at Arrowhead Stadium. Regardless, the D needs to keep up its vicious attack. That way, not only will we be more likely to win, we’ll be more likely to enjoy the game. Kill ’em! Ugly but true.

Sunday, noon; Arrowhead Stadium, One Arrowhead Dr., Kansas City, Mo.; tickets: starting at $35.


4. ‘The Rocky Horror Show’

The classic audience-participation sci-fi/horror stage musical returns in all of its weird and ferocious glory. If you’ve only seen the 1975 movie version, you haven’t really seen “The Rocky Horror Show,” featuring nutty live actors and a kick-out-the-jams live band. Audience members are encouraged to show up in their favorite outrageous costumes inspired by the show’s wild cast of characters, including corset-wearing, cross-dressing mad scientist Dr. Frank-N-Furter. No outside props will be allowed into the theater, but bags of insane props will be sold at the door to wave around (or do whatever with) during such iconic numbers as “Dammit Janet,” “Time Warp” and “Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me.” Well, if you insist.

Thursday through Saturday, 8 p.m.; Prohibition Hall, 1118 McGee, Kansas City, Mo.; tickets: $25.

5. Cheetah Run

The Kansas City Zoo describes its cheetah Gigi as not only a “fierce cat,” but a living example of the speediest mammal on the planet. See this extraordinary creature sprint around a track at up to 70 m.p.h. The zoo says that Gigi will be simply getting some “extra exercise” during the run. But there’s got to be some extra food at the end of it or that whole “fierce cat” thing could go to the next level. Let’s not have to find out.

Saturday and Sunday, 10:30-11 a.m., Kansas City Zoo, 6800 Zoo Drive, Kansas City, Mo.; free with regular zoo admission: $11.50-$14.50 (free for ages 2 and younger).

6. Kitten

Meow. Ha! That’s a good one. The ironically named Los Angeles indie rock band Kitten stars roar-worthy singer Chloe Chaidez, who started her own band Wild Youth at the tender age of 10. It’s safe to say that she’s only toughened up since then. Kitten’s major influences include 1980s post-punk band Siouxsie and the Banshees. Wail on!

Thursday, 8 p.m.; the recordBar, 1520 Grand Blvd., Kansas City, Mo.; tickets: $18.

Brian McTavish is a regular arts and culture contributor for KCUR 89.3. You can reach him at brianmctavish@gmail.com.

Brian McTavish follows popular culture in the belief that the search for significance can lead anywhere. Brian explains, "I've written articles and reviews ... reviewed hundreds of concerts, films and plays. And the thing is, these high arts all sprang from the pop culture of their day. Don't forget: Shakespeare was once Spielberg."
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