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Up To Date's Indie, Foreign & Doc Critics' 'Three To See,' December 1-3

Dec 1, 2017

It's December, which means the holiday season is well underway. We've passed the Thanksgiving turkey, racked up those Black Friday credit card charges and driven by the now-illuminated Country Club Plaza. It seems like there's no hiding from this jolly time of year. For those looking to hold off on watching It's a Wonderful Life and Elf for a few more weeks, Up To Date's indie, foreign and documentary Film Critics have a few recommendations.

Steve Walker

Big Sonia, Not Rated

  • A moving documentary about local Holocaust survivor Sonia Warshawski, who ran a tailor shop at the Metcalf South Shopping Center long after the mall had been largely abandoned.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, R

  • In Martin McDonagh's twisted black comedy, Frances McDormand piercingly plays a grieving mother who turns her despair into outrage at the local police who haven't solved her daughter's murder.

Lady Bird, R

  • This sublime, tart comedy, written and directed by Greta Gerwig, features flawless performances from Laurie Metcalf as a stressed-out mom and Saoirse Ronan as a bohemian high school senior circa 2002 wishing she was anywhere but Sacramento.

Cynthia Haines

The Florida Project, R

  • Featuring two breakout stars alongside award-winning familiar faces, this film looks at the wonderment of childhood alongside the less than magical parts a parent undertakes.

Big Sonia, Not Rated

  • A look inside the long life of local Holocaust survivor, business owner and great-grandmother Sonia Warshawski. After her tailor shop is threatened with eviction, Big Sonia faces down some difficult decisions.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, R

  • When her daughter's murder isn't solved, Mildred Hayes, played by Frances McDormand, lets the local police department, and the fictional town, know how she really feels about it.