Google Fiber Announces 'Save The Date' | KCUR

Google Fiber Announces 'Save The Date'

Jul 18, 2012

Google Fiber's website revealed Wednesday that the project will launch in Kansas City on July 26. The short message also says that there will be an announcement on the 26th, and interested parties can sign up here to receive it via email.

News of Google Fiber since its initial announcement has been primarily speculation and rumor, and because the community is still unsure of the scope of the project and the opportunities it will provide, no concrete plans have been made for using its new services. Potential competitors like Time Warner have even solicited spies to try to get an inkling of how Google may change the infrastructural landscape in Kansas City.

Time will tell whether Google Fiber drastically transforms the way Kansas Citians teach their children and care for the elderly, or whether it simply dramatically decreases the loading time on cat-in-a-box videos, but the announcement was at least exciting enough to get social media atwitter with the news.

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