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KCPS Achievement, Black Israelites, Kosher BBQ

Aug 26, 2013


Kansas City School District Celebrates Good Evaluation

On Friday morning at Paseo Academy, Kansas City Public Schools Superintendent Stephen Green made a big announcement about the district's accreditation status.  It had leaped more than 40 points in the new state assessment system. KCUR’s Maria Carter was there and talked to us about what happened.

Debates Continue Over Potential New Airport In KC

Travelers waiting for a flight at KCI.
Credit Julie Denesha / KCUR

Kansas City is all abuzz about the future of Kansas City’s 40-year-old airport. Supporters of a proposal for a new, one-terminal airport say that lower operating costs, better security, and more restaurant and shopping options are worth the $1 billion price tag.  But fans of the current three-terminal system say that convenience will be sacrificed.  After all, KCI scored high marks in a J.D. Power and Associates survey that measured convenience factors such as access to check-in and baggage claim. Hear recent travelers' opinions about the airport, and the Kansas City Star's Dave Helling catches us up on the latest in the plans for its replacement.

KU Prof Explores The Roots Of Black Israelites In Kansas

A number of different Black Israelite faiths share the belief that Africans, and African Americans are dexcended from the Ancient Israelites. The development of these Black Israelite or Black Jewish sects have roots in Kansas, according to a new book by University of Kansas professor, Jacob Dorman. Dorman discusses his book, The Chosen People: The Rise of Black Israelite Religions, and, hear from Michael Long, also known as Devar, who tells us about his path to joining a Jewish synagogue.

Kansas City Kosher BBQ Contest Gets National Attention

Kansas City barbeque has legions of fans, both locally and around the country, thanks to a unique style that some date back to the 1920s. But some local BBQ lovers are working to link that culinary tradition to one with even deeper roots. Last Sunday afternoon, the second annual Kansas City Kosher BBQ Contest took place in the parking lot of the B’Nai Jehudah synagogue in suburban Overland Park. The event drew a couple thousand participants and teams from New York, Chicago and St. Louis.  Among the judges was Simon Majumdar from the Next Iron Chef on the Food Network. Hear highlights from that competition, as told by the competitors, and the judges.