Missouri Senate Boeing Bill Passes House Committees | KCUR

Missouri Senate Boeing Bill Passes House Committees

Dec 6, 2013

Two Missouri House committees have passed the Senate version of the Boeing incentives bill, which now heads to the full House for floor debate.

Much of Thursday's discussion focused on a handful of amendments the Senate added to the bill, including one that requires Boeing to report each year on its efforts to hire women and minorities, and another that would require the 777-X project to be profitable in ten years.

House Member Anne Zerr, who’s handling the Senate bill, says she thinks the additional language makes it better.

“These changes did not affect the fiscal note in any way, but I think they are good changes in that they provide a little more transparency,” said Zerr.

The Boeing bill also quickly passed the House Rules committee, which took up the bill and voted on it without discussion. If passed, Missouri’s bid would offer $150 million in tax breaks per year to Boeing to build the 777-X passenger jet near Lambert St. Louis Airport.