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Notable New Releases

Apr 12, 2014

According to Cyprus Avenue host Bill Shapiro, over the past few years the quality and quantity of new music is not what it used to be…but he’s found some of the best new stuff from The Holmes Brothers, Dave Mason, Beck and more...

Track List:

Peter Mulvey - "You Don’t Have To Lie To Me”

Dave Mason - “Dear Mr. Fantasy”

Beck - “Heart Is A Drum”

Peter Mulvey - “What Else Was It?”

The Holmes Brothers - “Passing Through”

Drive-by Truckers - “Prime Coat”

Uncle Tupelo - “Life Worth Living”

Dave Mason - “Come On In My Kitchen”

Uncle Tupelo - “No Depression”

Beck - “Turn Away”

The Holmes Brothers – “Gone For Good”

Uncle Tupelo – “Screen Door”

Uncle Tupelo – “Outdone  ”

Peter Mulvey – “Lies You Forgot You Told”