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Top Of The Morning News: Friday, April 20, 2012

The Kansas City, Mo. Council revives a truancy curfew measure.  A Kansas City teen is charged with texting while driving in a fatal accident.  That and more news from KCUR.

Council Revives Truancy Plan

Kansas City councilman Scott Wagner forced a proposed truancy curfew out of limbo yesterday.  The council is now scheduled to vote on it in two weeks.  The council public safety committee opted this week to hold the truancy curfew ordinance until July unless someone called it to the council floor sooner.  Find out why Wagner called it to the floor here.

Kansas City Teen Charged With Texting While Driving

A Kansas City, North teenage girl has been charged with involuntary manslaughter under a 2009 Missouri law that makes it a crime to text while driving.  It’s the first time the law has been invoked in Platte County.  Read more here.

Missouri House Passes Rebuke Of Federal Health Care Law

The Missouri House has passed legislation that seeks to both bar and criminalize enforcement of the 2010 federal health care law.  If passed, the state of Missouri would not recognize the federal Affordable Care Act, and any federal official who tries to enforce it in Missouri would be charged with a Class A misdemeanor.  Also, any person who is targeted by a federal official seeking to enforce the ACA would have the right to sue that official.  Learn more here.

Ameren Seeks To Build Small Modular Nuclear Reactors In Missouri

Westinghouse Electric Corporation and St. Louis-based Ameren Missouriwill collaborate on developing small modular nuclear reactors, or SMR’s, and will seek to build them at Ameren’s Callaway County plant.  Westinghouse officials say they’ll apply for $452 million in federal funding.  Plans are to build at least one and possibly five SMR's alongside Callaway’s current reactor, and to build more SMR’s at the site for export.  Find out more here.




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