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Read 'Fates And Furies' With The 'Morning Edition' Book Club


In the next installment of the MORNING EDITION Book Club, writer Lauren Groff joins MORNING EDITION to talk about her newest novel, "Fates And Furies." It's the story of a marriage in two parts. "Fates" focuses on the husband's story.


And "Furies" focuses on the wife. But when Lauren Groff spoke with NPR's Rachel Martin about the book a few weeks ago, she said it is about more than that.


LAUREN GROFF: It's not a book about marriage. I mean, it's sort of - it's what holds the book together. It's how I talk about larger ideas - right? - ideas about creativity, about privilege, about sex, about time, about female rage, you know. So I see marriage as sort of this vehicle. And their marriage is this way to dig pretty deeply into some of the things that I resist about marriage that I had not known that I resisted until I put them in words over the course of five years.

MONTAGNE: Well, this time around Lauren Groff will be taking your questions. So if there's something you want to ask, here's what you can do. Use your smartphone to record a voice memo. First introduce yourself. Say where you live and the local time. Then ask her your question.

GREENE: And try, if you can, to keep it on the brief side. When you're done, email the recording to nprcrowdsource@npr.org. That's one word - nprcrowdsource@npr.org. We just might put your question to Lauren Groff when she joins our MORNING EDITION Book Club in two weeks.

MONTAGNE: And book lovers, join MORNING EDITION tomorrow, when we unveil the 2015 National Book Award shortlist of nominees. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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