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#NPRHotPot: Share Your Food Memories With Us

NPR's Ari Shapiro shared this Instagram story of the cucumber dish that reminds him of his childhood summers in Oregon.
Ari Shapiro/NPR

What we eat and how we cook our food tells a story about who we are, where we've come from and what we care about. Our food also connects us to other people — family and friends with whom we share our meals. That's why our favorite dishes often stir up strong memories of people we love.

Over the next month, NPR's The Salt and Goats and Soda blogs are teaming up to present six short cooking videos. Each video will feature one dish made by one person who shares with us the memories they associate with the dish.

We know our audience feels that way about food, too. That's why we'd like for you to share with us a memory about a dish that you love.

Share a post

Post a video or photo on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #NPRHotPot from now until August 15. We'll gather some of our favorites and post them on NPR.org. Some of them may even serve as inspiration for future videos and stories.

Get creative

You can make your submission as fancy or lo-fi as you want. We are looking for photos, videos, drawings, old photos, anything visual. NPR's Ari Shapiro, for example, posted this Instagram story of the cucumber dish that reminds him of his childhood summers.

The caption

Make sure you tell us what the dish is, where it comes from and what memories it evokes. If you feel so inclined, share the recipe. And don't forget the hashtag #NPRHotPot! Kim Boral from , an organization that raises awareness about Filipino cuisine, explains why making lumpia makes her feel at peace.


Here's some inspiration from social media. We look forward to seeing what you all share with us!

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Malaka Gharib is deputy editor and digital strategist of Goats and Soda, NPR's global health and development blog. She reports on topics such as the humanitarian aid sector, gender equality, and innovation in the developing world.
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