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Sporting KC's Historic Season | 'Hiding In Plain Sight'

Greg Echlin
KCUR 89.3
Sporting KC will host the San Jose Earthquakes at Children's Mercy Park on Sunday, November 22, in their first game of the playoffs.

Sporting's coach-manager on what was behind the team's turnaround, and the dangers Donald Trump poses to American democracy

Segment 1 beginning at 4:42: The Kansas City players pulled off the greatest season-to-season ranking change in league history.

After finishing in 11th place out of 12 in the Western Conference last year, Sporting secured the number one seed on their way to this season's playoffs. That success was achieved while having to navigate through key injuries and adhering to COVID-19 safety guidelines .

Segment 2, beginning at 27:54: One of the few and first who predicted Trump's win in 2016, autocracy expert identifies the authoritarian traits Donald Trump displays .

Citing corruption, glad-handing policy, and criminal impunity, Sarah Kendzior submits that Donald Trump is a kleptocrat and the centerpiece of a fractured political infrastructure. "This is a deep-rooted problem that didn't begin with Trump," Kendzior said.

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