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Crysta Henthorne

As election season approaches, KCUR, a non-profit journalism organization in Kansas City, is looking to engage with a group of people to help guide our reporting. Together we will evaluate and reframe existing ideas around politics and our communities to address what’s most important to you.

We’re looking for people from all walks of life, all you need is curiosity and a point of view.


What will members of Your Voice do?

  1. Provide ongoing feedback on KCUR stories, especially stories with a political or elections angle leading up to and through the midterm November elections
  2. Help generate story ideas of community concern for KCUR to address leading up to the election
  3. Help connect KCUR reporters and producers to potential sources
  4. Participate in recorded conversations across the political divide, similar to New Rules of Engagement and StoryCorps: One Small Step

Participants will have opportunities to suggest additional outcomes.

How often does Your Voice meet? What is expected of group members?

Members will meet a total of six times between June and November: the last Wednesday of each month between 5:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

In addition to attending these meetings, we also will ask that you review one or two pieces of KCUR work before each meeting and come prepared to discuss them. We anticipate this preparation should take no longer than 30 minutes each month.

Will I be paid for my time and perspective?

Yes, a $50 honorarium will be provided to each individual for each meeting they attend (digitally or in person) — up to $300.

To receive the honorariums you will need to fill out a W-9 tax form, which KCUR can provide.

While submitting a W-9 tax form is a condition of receiving the honorarium, it is not a requirement of being selected or participation.

How many people will be selected?

Up to 20 people will be selected.

Where will each meeting take place?

KCUR will host the meeting each month. We are located on the campus of UMKC at 4825 Troost Ave, Suite 202.

What if I can’t get to KCUR or COVID infections make it unsafe to meet?

While we prefer that everyone can make the time to meet in person, we understand there may be many factors, including health, that might make this challenging or even impossible. We will make every meeting also available to join via Zoom/call in.

Will vaccination be required for in person attendance?

We encourage everyone who attends to be vaccinated for their safety and the safety of others. Vaccination status will not be a condition of acceptance into KCUR’s Your Voice project or a condition of in person participation unless university, local health laws or ordinances dictate otherwise.

Will masks be required for in person attendance?

We encourage people who would like to wear a face covering to do so if they like. Masking for meetings will not be a condition of acceptance into KCUR’s Your Voice project or a condition of in person participation unless university, local health laws or ordinances dictate otherwise.

Who are we looking for? How will KCUR select individuals?

We can’t accept everybody who applies so we’ll be selecting individuals who authentically reflect the diversity of our region. We’re looking for people of every gender identity, race, age, ethnicity, faith, those from urban, rural, suburban communities, lower income and higher income, folks with PhDs and those with G.E.Ds, first generation Americans and people with family history dating back to before Columbus, and people from across the political spectrum.

You will be a great fit if you’re comfortable sharing constructive criticism on what KCUR is doing or not doing, where you’d like us to be investing our reporting energy and how we can better serve our audiences. Whether you're a fan of KCUR or have never heard of us we want to hear what you have to say.

We invite you to challenge each other and us, to engage in a lively, but civil discourse about our democracy, elections and what's important to you. It may get uncomfortable and that’s OK. There will always be a KCUR staff person to help facilitate conversation.

Will these meetings be recorded or shared?

We will record the meetings, but we will not share direct quotes on any platform before asking your permission.

What happens to the information you collect?

Non-identifying information (e.g., aggregate application and survey responses) we collect in the application process through the final program assessment may be shared publicly so other journalists and the public may learn from our experience.